4 Measures that will help you survive and stay safe


We all know that there is high rate of insecurity across the country. One cannot depend on security agencies for their safety because they cannot be everywhere at the same time. On a daily basis people are kidnapped for ransom, armed robbers attack at will, terrorism is yet to be defeated completed and the government is yet to curb the activities of militants. Therefore, residents are responsible for their safety to some extent. To survive in Nigeria, one has to be security conscious and alert.
1. Lock the doors and gates at all times
Your doors and gates should be under lock and key at all times. This will prevent intruders from gaining access into your home.
2. Be careful when giving strangers lift
Many people have been robbed by strangers they gave lift to. Be extra careful when offering to help commuters that appear to be stranded. Some are just looking for prey.
3. Be careful the kind of calls you make in public
There are certain calls you should not be making in the presence of strangers especially when it has to do money. You may unintentionally pass vital information to robbers.
4. Install Burglaries
It is advisable to install burglaries so as to prevent burglars from breaking into your house.

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