LG Poll: My account of what transpired 2013 in Offa, coming – Ajidagba


The chairman of the Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission (KWSIEC), Dr Uthman AbdurRahman Ajidagba has said he will give his account of what transpired in the 2013 local government election in Offa for posterity.

Ajidagba had come under heavy accusation from opposition and critics over allegation that he connived with the then ruling party to rig the election.

But the commission’s head speaking at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) parliament on Wednesday said most people have relied on hear say over the incident adding that he will make full clarification in due cause.

According to him, “If people who are supposed to know feign ignorance, we are not supposed to follow the bandwagon and fall victim the same way.

“On the election of Offa, we are only relying on hear say. As a teacher and if time permits later in life, I will chronicle everything that happened in Offa. But remember that those who were protesting that time where not from Offa because a leader of a political party told the whole world on radio Nigeria that he led the protest when he was asked if he was there. So where is the connection?

“For those who are saying that the result of Offa was announced here in Ilorin. I am saying this clear loud and unambiguous that by the virtue of the enabling law conferred on me as the head of the electoral officer in the state, I announced the result for Offa in the 2013 local government election and I take responsibility for it.

“This is because the returning officer that was supposed to announce the election result, nobody have asked what happened to them or why I made the announcement, what happened to the two returning officers that were supposed to announce the result. If they were not available for any reason, should I leave a vacuum? No I will announce.

“We wear the shoe and know where it pinches. When issue happened and those who felt aggrieved went to court, we also table our case and the rest is now history.

“All the gladiators during the Offa election, where are they today. Politicians know how to settle themselves and they leave us bickering and killing ourselves. Where are they today?, he submitted.

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