Nigerian Lady claims Tagbo’s ghost appeared to her


An Instagram user, @digwe has claimed that the ghost of Davido’s late friend, Tagbo, appeared to her and requested she delivered a message to someone.

The lady said she has never met the late Tagbo nor know anyone that knows him personally. She further claimed to have delivered the message to the person he allegedly sent her to.

She said that it was hard getting the phone number of the person but the deceased made it available to her.

Here’s what she wrote: “Rip Tagbo I don’t know why you chose to come to me. When you kill someone and follow the person to the spiritual realm to shut him up totally…I don’t know Tagbo I have never seen or spoken to him or know someone that knows him…I have given your message to the person you wanted me to give it to, but I’m sorry I can’t share on my page for security reasons…It was hell getting her number but you made it available to me…You are such a sweet and gentle spirit… Please rest in peace and let God fight for you…Bye’’


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