Jay Z spends N32m on drinks in one night

American rapper, Jay Z and his friends went drinking at a popular club in New York and they bought drinks worth N32m.
The receipts showed that Jay Z and his friends spent a total of $91, 125 on drinks in one night at PlayHouse club.
Pictures of the receipt show that the guys bought a lot Ace of Spades which interestingly is owned by Jay Z.
A close look at the receipt, revealed that the waiter who served the drinks by the name, Dahyana got a tip of $11,000 which when converted to naira is about N3.9m.
Jay Z is married to the beautiful superstar, Beyonce and they are blessed with three beautiful children including a set of twins. Even though their marriage was recently rocked by infidelity allegations, they were able to put it aside and moved on.

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