20 Tips for effective self-education


For those of us who have been using our computers, smart phones and tablets solely for the purpose of entertainment, it’s time to use such gadgets for growth and self-education.
Public libraries are also a huge source of knowledge. You can choose any printed or online material you find enjoyable and use your weekends for self-development.
Needless to say, independent learning is a journey that requires great commitment. The online world is full of distractions, so you need to remind yourself of your purpose and work a lot on your discipline.
The following 20 tips will help you adopt the right attitude that will get you through a successful journey for self-education.

1. Prepare a studying environment
Since you don’t have a classroom to keep you as focused as possible, you have to create your own studying space. It’s important to organize a desk for that purpose.
Get a comfortable chair, a laptop, the books and notebooks you need, and some pens/pencils/markers. As soon as you sit on that chair, your mind will be prepared to commit to the goal of learning.

2. Get a dictionary
Of course, you can also use an online dictionary like Merriam-Webster or, but you also need a printed dictionary that you’ll use when you’re studying from books.
Studies, textbooks and other important materials are often written in a highly intellectual language, so you’ll need interpretations to understand what the authors are trying to say.

3. Highlight!
You have to highlight all-important things! Get some markers for the prints and use the highlighting feature on your eReader to put an accent on the crucial elements of the text.

4. Learn from different medium
Read relevant articles, journals and books, attend seminars, watch TV documentaries, and get college/university textbooks from the niche of your interests!
Experiment with different mediums and focus on the one that inspires you the most. However, don’t limit yourself to a single source of knowledge; make sure to experiment and benefit from information in all forms.

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