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I told my boyfriend I could cheat on him-Nina

BBNaija’s Nina has come out to clear air about her relationship with Miracle despite having a boyfriend.
The two housemates, Nina and Miracle, are arguably one of the most admired couple in the reality show, Big Brother Naija, with a strong fan base to back them up.
They were even reportedly the first pair to share a romantic kiss in the house. While their relationship continue to stir up talks on social media due to the fact that Nina stated in clear terms that she had boyfriend, the ‘Mina’ pair have continued to wax stronger despite being separated and paired with other housemates in the much talked about reality show. She however, has come out to reveal that her boyfriend was fully aware that she would get romantically involved with someone in the house since she had told him there was a possibility she would cheat.
In a conversation with her fellow housemates, she said: “I told him everything. He knows that something can happen. I will also tell him everything that happened, trust me. That’s me in a relationship. I’ll get my boyfriend back. It’s a must. I told him anything can happen here.”

Nominating Cee-C for eviction was a very tough decision for me – Tobi reveals

Amongst the many contestants in the ongoing reality show Big Brother Naija, two have stood out because of the relationship between them.
The two are Cee-C and Tobi. Many were shocked when Tobi who is the reigning head of house nominated Cee-C and her partner Lolu for possible eviction. Both Cee-C and Lolu (CeeLo) had earlier escaped eviction only for Tobi, the new head of house to choose Bamco (Bam Bam and Rico) over them. Nominating Cee-C for eviction was a very tough decision for me – BBNaija’s Tobi reveals BBNaija’s Tobi and Cee-C Tobi later apologised to her and explained why he did so. He said it was a very difficult decision for him to make but he simply had to do it just because of his principles.
According to Tobi, he claimed he heard from Angel what Cee-C said about him and that was the reason he decided to act.   He further explained that, Cee-C had vowed to report him (Tobi) to Big Brother, if he comes close to her and as a result, he wouldn’t be needing the negative energy around him since she has even refused to talk to him. Cee-C then said she would never understand why he is acting the way he is but holds no grudge against him and hopes they could move forward. She also asserted that there is nothing he can say to justify his actions.

I’ ll marry Cee-C if given chance – Dee-One

While Nigerians on social media and the rest of the world are fixated on bashing Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C for her “over possessiveness and mindless drama,” former housemate, Dee-One has thrown his full support behind Cee-C.
The comedian who was evicted from the Big Brother house last week had this to say about Cee-C during NET TV’s secret questions show.
“I’ll Kill Nina, Marry Cee-c and date Alex because Cee-C is a correct wife material. She can also cook well too, it’s just that she is too possessive.”
He continued “I don’t understand why people hate Cee-C. She is a very nice girl and she is a wife material, it’s just that she is overprotective, but she cooks very well, she dey cook o’
He also revealed that he went on the show to be himself and did not go into the house just for the N45Million cash prize. ‘I went there to show my talent and sell myself’ Dee-One revealed
While speaking on his thoughts on the controversial statement Cee-C made where she boasted that she could make N45Million in a week, he said ‘what Cee-C said is very intelligent, I have heard her speak and I know she is very smart. What people don’t know is that she can make it in that house and also make it outside the house and that will make it N90Million in three days’.

Nigerians react to Bambam, Teddy’s sex in toilet

In the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2018 house, it is no longer news that housemates are fond of themselves and do not mind doing the unthinkable for everyone to watch.
On Tuesday, February 27, a video of Teddy A and Bambam getting intimate in the toilet while every other housemates were asleep went viral on social media and people could not help but talk about what went down in the house.
Nigerians immediately came out for the two housemates for showing off such act on national TV. Some disclosed that at least Miracle and Nina were modest enough to carry out such act on the bed while another accused Bambam of being a pretender.
One Sugabelly (@notsugabelly) on Twitter said: “Bambam always irritates me. Silly pretender. At least MINA did theirs on a bed, the man who claims to respect you took you into the toilet. #bbnaija.”
@TWEETORACLE said: “I never thought I would say this but Cee-C with all her flaws is better than Bambam. At least, Cee-C never pretends for one about who she is and what she is about, all her damaged package. But Bambam pretends so much.”

Alex confesses love for Leo

Big Brother Naija housemate, Alex, was recently quite candid on the show. Ebuka, the host of the show had asked Alex why she cried after she and Leo engaged in an argument. It came as a surprise to most viewers when Alex came out clean and answered that it was because she liked Leo and he was the only one in the house that made her feel comfortable.
In another conversation with Miracle, Alex revealed the issues that caused her banter with Leo.
‘He (Leo) said I held Tobi in his presence and abandoned our discussion.
“He said no other girl is being touched in this house as I’m touched by the guys.
“He said I’m too playful with the boys but that’s my personality. I have tried to explain to him that there’s nothing going on between me and any other guy in the house but he won’t listen.’
Another housemate who shared their feelings for another housemate with Ebuka is Teddy A. Teddy A revealed that although he has no problems being paired with Nina, his feelings for BamBam are still very strong.

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