Heads may roll as House C’ttee submits probe report on Harmony Holdings, this week


By Mumini AbdulKareem

As anxiety continues to trail the probe of Harmony Holdings by the Kwara State House of Assembly, strong indications emerged last night that the report may have indicated top people across various sectors who may have taken over choice lands and property belonging to the company, National Pilot reliably gathered, last night.
The legislature had set up an Ad-Hoc committee to investigate massive allegation of misappropriation relating to government assets under Harmony Holdings. late last year.
This was after the lawmakers had given a week of grace to individuals and institutions to return what they had unduly pilfered from the company to the state.
The company was also invited to respond to the allegation during the course of the House investigation.
The Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Dr Ali Ahmad had explained that the investigation became imperative, as the legislature was inundated with petitions and reports of mismanagement and alleged fraud embarked upon by Harmony Holdings and its subsidiaries.
Ahmad, who allayed fears that the House was out to witch hunt or victimise anyone, noted that the complaints included the narrative that some of its staff converted and sold choice properties to themselves and acquaintances but allegedly failed to show evidence of payment of commercially competitive prices into appropriate accounts.
He said the investigation was geared towards establishing facts, proffer recommendations and ensure that the company, which is regarded as the repository of the state’s collective wealth, is salvaged and restored to the path of profitability.
The committee is chaired by the House Leader, Hon Hassan Oyeleke representing Esse/Sawo/Igbodun state constituency of Offa in Kwara State and it recently concluded tours to the affected properties in Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos.
According to impeccable sources very conversant with the development who confided in our reporter because of the sensitivity of the issue, the committee has concluded the report with many sterling revelations on how the company was turned to cash cow by influential people in the state.
The source revealed that the report is due for submission and will be presented at any of the sitting days before the conclusion of plenary on Thursday, this week.
Another source said: “Everything is now set after months of investigation and the ready report is likely to be submitted for consideration, this week.
“Already, there is fear and anxiety about those who have been indicted and sadly they turned the place to a cash cow. It is very pathetic and a sad narrative to know how the resources of the state were being mismanaged.
“But like other reports and matters that the lawmakers have considered, the House under the Speaker, Dr Ali Ahmad is only concerned about the people and it will not be different this time.”
Harmony Holdings Limited, was established to oversee other smaller and industry-specific entities to reinvigorate and redirect all potentially income-yielding and revenue generating agencies and parastatals of the state government.

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