Shun killing for money, cleric charges Kwarans


By Ahmed Ajikobi

Kwarans have been advised to shun the act of killing for money and ritual purposes now rampant in the society.
The visiting Imam of Agaka Central mosque, Asa Dam road in Ilorin West Local Government, Ustaz Mustapha Buniyamin gave the charge on Friday while delivering the Jumaat sermon (khutba) to herald the traditional two rakat congregational prayers.
He said Muslims and non Muslim alike should shun all manners of killings and use of human parts for money rituals and urged them to exercise patience as Allah’s blessing remains the best.
According to him, Allah (SWT) charged Muslims to shun forbidden acts as it was stated in the Holy Quran and promised those who are faithful to His command and also observed the laws of the Glorious Quran of reward of highest part of Paradise on the Day of Judgment.
“Those forbidden acts are those things God stated in His Quran as bad such as stealing, fornication, associating partners with Allah, practicing magic, usury, unlawfully depriving orphans of wealth and betrayal, lying, indecent dressing as well as all acts that go contrary to the dictates of Allah (SWT).
“Muslims should be happy and contented with what Almighty Allah bestowed on them and be good to one another as commanded by Allah. You should take care of fellow Muslims, their children and be good to humanity as a whole, including your neighbours”, he added.
Buniyamin charged Muslim parents to enroll their children in Islamic schools and desist from killing their children because of poverty.

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