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I was molested at age of 5 — Lolu

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Lolu has revealed that he was molested at the age of five by a housemaid hired by his mother.
Lolu revealed this while speaking with Big Brother during his diary session on Monday.
He said he had to deal with the shame and never told anyone about it until he turned 21.
Lolu said “I was molested at the age of 5 by my housemaid. I didn’t inform my mother at that time because she had challenges and was trying to keep the family.
“The maid would subject me to a lot of punishment and if I refuse, I had consequences which I cannot discuss on national TV because it is too graphic.
“I finally told my younger sister about it when I turned 21.
“I’m saying this because I want people who have gone through this kind of assault to talk about it. The right thing to do is speak about it.
“Most people don’t know they have the right not to let such things affect them negatively or positively.
“Even though I’ve come to terms with it, I remember the incident sometimes.
“I have sought therapy sometimes, but I am not ashamed or sad about it. I have dealt with it,” he further said.

Why I should not be evicted – Khloe

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Khloe has revealed why she should not be evicted this week from the show.
Khloe speaking with Big Brother during her diary session on Monday evening said she deserved to stay in the house because she is real and loveable.
“I want my fans watching to save me because I’m real, lovable.
“I want them to save me to see how I plan to explore the opportunity given here.
“Even if you don’t love me, please save me for who I am,” Khloe said
Speaking on the emergence of Alex as the head of house, Khloe expressed joy.
According to her “I’m happy I and Alex settled our misunderstanding before she became head of house. Besides that, I am happy for her.”

Ahneeka speaks on masturbation, Teddy and Bambam toilet sex

Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Ahneeka has reacted to the viral video of her self-servicing.
Speaking with Broadway TV in an exclusive interview, she claimed she was only sleeping and that she wasn’t self-servicing.
She spoke further on fellow housemate Teddy A and Bam Bam viral sex video and what’s next for her after Big brother Naija.

Alex, Nina, Tobi make it to the Finals

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Alex emerged Head of House for the first time ever on Monday, during the HOH challenge.
Alex won the Head of house after two sets of games of chance.
Housemates were paired and instructed to burst balloons while being blindfolded.
At the end of the game, Nina, Cee-c, Lolu, Miracle, Tobi and Alex qualified for the final game.
For the final game, housemates were blind folded and told to pick ”BBNaira” in a boot.
Alex had the highest amount, which made her the Head of house. She then subsequently picked a chance card, which automatically saved Nina the housemate who came third place in the challenge.
She was also told to nominate one housemate to be saved from eviction and she chose Tobi.
And, in an interesting turn of events, Housemates, Alex, Nina and Tobi have all made it to the finals.
Cee-C, Lolu, Anto, Miracle and Khloe are now up for eviction on Sunday.

Cee-C explains why she constantly talks and fights in her sleep

Following the recent eviction of Rico during the live eviction show, the housemates have now been reduced to 8 persons in the house. With a few housemates remaining in the house, the conversations seem to be getting more interesting. Earlier on, Miracle, Nina, Alex and Tobi were having a conversation about Cee-C and how she is known to sleep and fight in her dreams. Nina confirmed this saying she does it every night. She further stated that she needs spiritual deliverance. According to Lolu, he says Cee-C talks as if she’s having a conversation with someone and even fights in her sleep. Miracle, on the other hand, said she needs to stop eating and drinking late.
Few moments later, Nina had a talk with Cee-C over her sleeping habits. She had this to say: “It’s because of the issues i’m having. It’s something that happens subconsciously. A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week. My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past. So I was told to stop playing too much. It’s not spiritual. I am mentally, physically, emotionally stressed. I can understand why I’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot.”

Why I love Cee-c – Tobi

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi has revealed what he loves about Cee-C, his former strategic partner.
Tobi said he loves Cee-c’s goals and personality.
He spoke during a game by Biggie where housemates were expected to hug and tell each other what they loved about the other.
Despite their regular quarrels, Tobi said his former partner had a “big heart” and he loved her for that.
According to Tobi, “I appreciate your person, I like your drive as a person, I believe in your goals. I still believe you have a big heart and I believe you have genuine intentions.
“That person I used to know is open to corrections and I know you are. Most of the things I learnt in this House came from my interactions with you, both good and bad; but I have learnt a lot.
“And I have become a better person though I am still working on myself. I have really learnt a lot because of you.”

Cee-c reveals her favourite housemate

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-c has revealed her favourite housemate.
Cee-c, speaking with Big brother during her diary session, named Khloe as her favourite.
According to her, “Koko has a lot of fears and she is very funny.
“Khloe makes me laugh and taught me so much from her life experiences.”
“Since her return to the house, I have been able to see beneath the whole troublesome personality.” Cee-c told Biggie.
Recall that Khloe on her return to the house told Ebuka that she came back to frustrate Cee-c.
However, it seems her hatred for Cee-c has been defeated, as both housemates have become friends.

Ebuka has damaged my relationship with Miracle, Collins – Nina

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina has lamented the question put to her by Ebuka. She said her relationship with Miracle was now in serious confusion as a result of the said question.
Nina now fears she may lose both Collins and Miracle, her two boyfriends, with the way she responded to Ebuka.
Ebuka had asked her how strong her relationship with Miracle was and if it would continue outside the show.
Ebuka further insisted to know if she could call Miracle her boyfriend. Responding, Nina refused to call Miracle her boyfriend, but rather said he was “My best friend. My everything.”
On Tuesday, she revealed to fellow housemate, Alex that Miracle has been angry with her because of her response to Ebuka.
She further explained to Alex that, “I could not call Miracle my boyfriend because I did not want to disrespect Collins. But now I feel bad.
“I would have told Ebuka Miracle was my boyfriend and that I love him.
“I wish Ebuka would ask me same question next Sunday so that I’ll correct myself.”
In the reality show, Miracle and Nina had shared kisses, had showered together and at least. cuddle every night, with rumours of even actual sex.
Alex, however, advised Nina to keep her relationship to herself and stop giving people what to talk about.
She said, “When you are asked about your relationship with Miracle, reply from your heart. Tell them what you want to tell them.”
Alex told her she should not be fast in responding to such questions because she doesn’t know what may happen outside the show. She added that, “It may be that you have no relationship again outside. And you never can tell if you and Miracle would continue.”

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