I saw a policeman inside the rain. He had no protection on,  just his basic uniform,  as he directed the traffic inside the rain. I concluded he had not been prepared for the rain,  but he was ready to face the rain and do his work,  no matter the adversity.
My dear Leader,  we may seem to be in a political rain today, but I see you standing there still controlling the traffic of the long enduring structure and its struggles.  Yes, like the traffic man we might not have expected the rain,  but yes it has come because it is a product of nature.  And like the committed officer of the law that I saw during the week,  we have decided to stand and work in the rain, with you as our Leader and mentor.
Even in this moment of loss,  your leadership is still much cherished not because of merely where you are coming from but also because of what you have made of your heritage, what you have made of the testimony  your father left behind when he bequeathed his great empire of political welfarism to you.
You have not let that heritage down,  no,  Your  Excellency, no matter what words your adversaries have used,  are using and might still use to paint the events of the last few days. You excelled beyond where your father stopped  and that is the prayer of every parent;  to raise a scion who will rise beyond the limits of their own individual accomplishments. Your record of accomplishments is astonishing. At 56, you’re an Oxford trained medical Doctor, Medical Director of a Bank. You’re also a two term successful governor. Kwara State University was conceived and nurtured in your tenure. Harmony Diagnostic Hospital is a success story. Despite the state’s lean resources, you opened many rural roads. For us in the emirate, our central mosque remains an enduring legacy of your effort.
You’re also a former Special assistant to president on budget for four years, two term Senator and President of the Senate for four years. What an intimidating record. But you’ve also not let down many other Nigerians,  particularly young men and women to whom you have provided leadership in the last several years,  men and women whom you have made to become somebody in life,  beyond their imagination and dream. You’ve personally raised an army of young and committed  Nigerians who believe strongly in your vision of a nation that works,  a nation where people can achieve their dreams irrespective of the limitations of their background.
You fought men that mortals only whisper their names in the dark. You were never afraid to say no to impunity,  standing with the people instead of eating and enjoying the spoils of office while the people perish. You’ve shown Nigerians that it is right to suffer deprivation if it will lead to the good of the most people. Today, you suffer political alienation from those who feel it’s their birth right to drive the political machine of the nation. Today, some men may ridicule you because darkness has taken over the land. But rest assured,  light will always triumph over darkness. You are light,  inside and outside, for the known values you stand for.   The reign of darkness is always ever brief,  no matter the length of time it stays. You remain an icon, Sir.  Your remain a mentor,  Sir.  You remain our Leader and in you,  we are well pleased.
Truly, I salute your doggedness against authoritarianism. History will vindicate your effort to save our nation from been foist with a Muslim/Muslim ticket that would have engineered an imagined religious crisis. I urge you to continue your support for our democracy. Your words are soothing and comforting in the battles ahead. The battle for the governorship and house of assembly elections and the current battle against blackmail. *Saraki: Kwara PDP ‘ll Emerge Victorious In Governorship, Assembly Polls*
Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, today urged his teeming supporters not to be discouraged by the outcome of the presidential and National assembly elections in the state, but should troop out en masse to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)  governorship and house of assembly candidates come March 9 elections.
Saraki who was given an heroic reception on arrival at Ilorin International Airport by a mammoth crowd of supporters and well wishers, expressed confidence that the PDP has the number to emerge victorious in the remaining elections.
Addressing his supporters at the Charity House at his Iloffa GRA residence in Ilorin, the Senate President urged his people to close ranks and work in unison for the PDP in the governorship and house of assembly elections. “I can’t run away. My covenant with my people transcends politics. I will never abandon my people. We should not fight. I leave everything to God. I will not fight even with those they declared winnners of the last weekend’s  elections. We must cooperate  for the governorship election. Once we do this, we shall win the election”, are your words. And I agree absolutely with you when you said “we should stop internal wrangling. We shall emerge victorious in the remaining election. I’m here to assure you that I shall never abandon you, my people. The people you have voted for are not known to you. We should forgive ourselves and move forward in the interest of our state”.
I write this letter as a contribution to the national tribute to you over the present circumstances of your political destiny.  I write it in the understanding that soon, and seriously  speaking  very soon,  those who are laughing at you today will bear the greatest shame when ghetto truth of your patriotism,  the truth of your commitment to our land comes to the fore. You shall have the best laugh, because you shall have the last laugh, Insa Allah. *Oba can be reached via e-mail: abdulwahaboba@gmail.com