Today’s Arewaobinrin

Celebrating women of valour


With Sukurat Adelodun

To all women who go through  thick and thin to make ends meet,

To all women who strive to be the best in their  respective fields and homes,

To all women,  who are presently oppressed and abused through diverse  forms of violent acts,

To all women out there that craves for change and development  at all levels  of life,

To every mother out there making the home a peaceful and happy place for all,

Today’s Arewaobirin celebrates you all, appreciating  your pain, the zeal, the endurance, commitment and passion to make the home, nation and world a better place for all.

We appreciate your zeal  as you strive to balance for better. Challenges do come, but not giving up will make us stronger and better in life.

Take a bold  step and move away from being stagnant, give it a try to start no matter how small,

Together we can make the world a better place for every woman.

Let’s come together, collaborate, interact,learn and above all, always attempt to send the ladder that took you up back down for others to climb and grow.

Lighting another candle won’t stop the light that sparkles from yours.

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