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Relating with clients has been challenging but enlightening  – Atanda, CEO Reedahs Smoothies and Juice Bar


With Sukurat  Adelodun

Today, its  all about the fruit artistry. We have Bolanle Atanda a certified fruit artist and dessertier of over 6 years to take us on a fruit tour.

She runs Reedahs Smoothies and Juice Bar, an healthy lounge that specialises in fruit art and styling, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, salads and healthy chops without artificial seasoning, preservatives nor additives.

 She is passionate about healthy living and eating right. The passion led her to establish an healthy lounge where they make 100% natural fresh fruit juices, smoothies, sugarcane juice and other natural drinks free of artificial additives and preservatives. Her love for art made her settle as a fruit artist after taking courses at SoraTulip fruit academy which happens to be the first fruit carving school in Africa.  She also underwent trainings in Food safety , Food hygiene and packaging from the collaboration between NAFDAC/NIFST/FIIRO.

What prompted the start of fruits artistry and smoothies making as a business idea?

My passion for healthy living, preventing diseases and preventable ailments by eating right.

What were the challenges that you faced, when you started your business?

Lack of power supply, we cant store fruits and will have to keep going to the market for every purchase. The economy is also not making people do the healthy switch to fresh fruit juices, they still want to buy carbonated drinks at cheap rate, but the narrative is changing gradually.

How has the experience been, relating with clients  in this line of business?

Its been challenging and at the same time enlightening. The awe in peoples face when you give them information on their health maintenance which they haven’t heard before

The  fruit artistry business in Nigeria is fast becoming highly competitive ,what distinct you from your competitors?

Attention to details and high hygiene level, good customer relationship skills, these are some of our core values which we don’t compromise.

How has the journey been, achieving your set goals for your business?

It’s been tough but we are progressing, Nigeria climate is not conducive for SME but we are not relenting

What are the measures  you think entrepreneur should put in place when starting a business either small or big?

Knowledge about the terrain, resilience spirit, updating on current trend in the chosen industry and good customer service which is key.

How do you think small business owners should get themselves upgraded or know more in their line of business?

Training, seminars, workshops and networking.

Which is important for a small business owner just starting up or less than 14 months, an online store or physical store?

I will advise that they have an online store first, work from home to prevent incurring unnecessary cost at start up and get a store to expand as the business grows

We see you educate and collaborate a lot with small  business owners  and NGOs, how does it feel doing it?

Yes, i believe in collaborations with women of like minds and vision. With collaborations we achieve more.

Why did you quit being a business development manager to start Reedah Smoothies and juice bar and how is the journey so far?

Having worked for about 15years in a facility management company, it gave me the requisite skills and courage to pursue my dreams in the healthy living industry. Reedahs smoothies and juice was born and we thank God for where we are today.

What skills were you able to bring over to your business from your previous work, that you have found to be helpful in your business?

People’s management skills (helps in managing my staff, both permanent and adhoc), customer relationship skills, time management and punctuality.

What do you find most helpful about Social Media in Marketing and Growing your Business?

Instagram has been helpful in reaching wider audience

How do you joggle been a wife, mother and business owner without anyone suffering?

It’s basically strength from above, my spouse’s  support, children’s cooperation, time management and prioritising

What is your favourite quote of all times?

Together we learn, together we grow and together we succeed .


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  1. Awesome! That’s the word! I have just learn new ideas from you Atanda, CEO Reefah’s Fruities!!! Will imbibe this spirit of resilience and diligence. Thank you for inspiring me.
    CEO RILMAAS Global Concepts

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