By Yinka Ade-Aluko

Fellow Sarakites, this time, my epistle is not to our amiable leader, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, but a quick response to Ogbeni Akogun Oyedepo’s illusionary write-up titled BUKOLA SARAKI, HERE IS YOUR WREATH.
Ideally any good write-up should be of intent, purpose and motive. Ogbeni Akogun’s intent in the aforementioned write up is opaque; his purpose myopic; and motive, orphic.  Ogbeni Akogun’s epistle is vague and self-serving.
So, my fellow Sarakites, let’s educate ourselves about his piece. Wreath is a flower arranged round a circular bond of foliage for ornamental and ceremonial purposes; laid to give honour to dead heroes. I wonder how a mortal would say a fellow human would face uncertain future if not an ignoramus, as if he knows tomorrow.
In his write-up, Ogbeni Akogun claimed 30 years of active politics, 21 out of which was spent outside the Saraki dynasty, though he started with the dynasty. We challenge him to list his achievements since he left the political school of Oloye. The ingrate faulted Baba Saraki for making Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki governor in 2003, whereas Kwara under ABS witnessed unprecedented growth and development in just 8 years, that previous governments’ efforts put together in their more than 30 years of reigns couldn’t achieve. The records are there for discerning minds to crosscheck and or compare.
We enjoin Ogbeni Akogun to wake from his daydream that Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has gone into political oblivion or irrelevance. Unlike Adamu Atta, C.O. Adebayo and whoever in their class that Ogbeni Akogun is insinuation, ABS is more savvy sociopolitically as well as more connected and influential.
In Ogbeni Akogun’s understanding, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki was given the governorship/control of Kwara on a platter of gold. This shows how mischievous and ignorant he is. After several years of banking experience at the peak of that critical sector of the nation and its economy, coupled with four years as president’s aide under the most competent leadership in Nigerian history, where his ingenuity, intellect and competence brew policies that impacted on national budgetary system and enhanced nation’s economy. Only a fool will doubt or query ABS’ political sagacity. It will be heartwarming if Ogbeni Akogun Oyedepo can reflect on the past and name one person who was as competent, experienced, informed and divinely positioned as Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki in 2003, leaving aside his youthful age.
Also, in Ogbeni Akogun Oyedepo’s ignorance, he wants people to believe that empires come and go. In response to his theory of political ladder climbing and descending, I wish to state that it only applies to individuals and not dynasty. His ignorance came to bare when he listed the likes of Chief Olawoyin, Alhaji Patigi, Alhaji Buhari Edun, Alhaji Sule Maito as one-time emperors in his “Political Ladder Climbers…” theory, forgetting that Saraki dynasty is an institution driven by ideology and not an empire driven by person(s) or selfish interests. Sarakites are united for a purpose that cannot and shall not be put to an abrupt end, not even by thousands of conspirators, your worst has been done worst, WE ARE LARGE ENOUGH TO REINFORCE for the battle ahead.
I am yet to understand what Ogbeni Akogun has learned in his acclaimed 30 years political career, anyway maybe “blackmail.” if he believes a person like ABS needs the kind of tutelage he and his other political opportunist of the 70s and 80s politics needed, poor him! Let him be reminded that Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki was born “into” politics.
From the purview of a noisemaker that he is, Ogbeni Akogun Oyedepo believes he was and still the foremost fighter in their charade/sham called freedom for Kwara, forgetting that history recorded his place at different periods claimed in his epistle. Well informed Kwarans and in particular the Sarakites know very well where he was placed and belongs. A leopard will never change its spot. Ogbeni Akogun Oyedepo is again disgruntled over their victory and happenings in their faction of APC. Nemesis!
Let Ogbeni Akogun be reminded that in 2003, ABS’ election victory was greeted with wide jubilation across the state. His illusion and that of his co- travellers on the 2017 LGs election will remain a mirage. Also, while the 2019 general election was lost on our side by stroke of fate, it was won on their side on falsehood. That is, however, a story for another day.
Let him and his co-travellers on the journey of perdition understand that the cat has been let out of the bag. What they cooked in the secret has steamed out into the open and soon they will get to know that the public is aware of be their unholy conspiracy and all the conspirators.
Lastly, Ogbeni Akogun said he asked God to spare Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki to live and witness his own vindication on all trumped up charges against him by agents of darkness, as well triumph over PMB’s several plots against over the Senate Presidency brouhaha, so that he would be confronted by ill fate. I laugh! As I write this piece, I ask God Almighty to please spare Ogbeni Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo to live too to understand how destiny determines life of individuals and to see what becomes of APC in the next few years as well as see what becomes of ABS in the years to come.
My fellow Sarakites, please be informed that Ogbeni Akogun is one of those who shouldn’t be taken seriously just like their leader, PMB.
God bless Sarakites, God bless Saraki dynasty, God bless Ilorin Emirate, God bless Kwara, God bless Nigeria.

Ade-Aluko, the Director, Media and Strategy, New Omoluabi, he writes from Ilorin.