By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Agaka Central Mosque, Ustaz Yusuf Murtador (Olopoewa) has urged Muslims to take advantage of the ongoing month of Sha’aban to prepare for the coming of  Ramadan.
Sha’aban is the eight month of the Islamic lunar calendar and herald the holy month of Ramadan which is one of the greatest months in Islam synonymous with fasting.
Sha’abanm, according to many traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), is the only month the Rasul used to fast more than any other month except Ramadan.
While some narratives reported that the Prophet used to fast the first fifteen days, other reports said he also fasted in the later part of the month.
According to the Imam, Muslims should used the ongoing month of Sha’aban to engage in lots of good deeds which include fasting, almsgiving, reading the Quran, praying tahajjud and observing congregational prayers at prescribed times among others.
He added “Muslims should engage in more good deeds in this month of Sha’aban because there is more reward in doing so”.
The cleric further warned Muslims not to be carried away with worldly possessions at the expense of the hereafter adding that we should not lose focus of our goals and purpose in life which is to serve Allah alone.
While encouraging Muslims to extend goodness to other people and creature of Almighty Allah (SWT), Imam Murtador during his sermon (Khutba) to mark the Friday service noted that “Doing good deeds does not stop in our family alone, it extends to those that are not related to us and even animals.
“If you have a way to help an animal in difficulty, do because Allah appreciates that and will reward you accordingly.
“Every Muslims should increase their good deeds. We don’t know when and how the reward will be like from Allah. The more you do, the bigger your reward.”