Insecurity: Bishop urges govt, Nigerians to turn to God 


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The Bishop of the Diocese of Kwara, Anglican Communion, the Rt. Rev’d Sunday Timothy Gbade Adewole has called on governments and Nigerians in general to turn to God for solution to the security challenge confronting the country.
In addition, he called on government at all levels and  security personnel to step up action  in combating the current security situation in the country.
Speaking with journalists on the sideline of the 3rd session of the 15th synod held penultimate weekend at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Baboko, Ilorin,  Kwara State, the Bishop who commended stakeholders in the fight against insecurity, stressed the need for them to do more.
“There is need for them to do more, people are being slaughtered everyday and everywhere. So we want to beg government that they should do more and then maybe we should go the extra mile in taking our plight to God. God has the ability to secure us but until we go to Him we can’t enjoy His security.
“God can secure us and He has the power to do that, but we should go to Him and stop sinning. Our sins are too much, we shed innocent blood incessantly. So, there is need for us to repent of our sins and return to God and then there will be renewed assurance of His security and of His presence in our lives,” he said.
The cleric who expressed optimism that Nigeria can be self sufficient in food production, called on the Church to lead the crusade in this course.
He pointed out that God has blessed the country with abundant fertile land and favourable weather but lamented that these have not been put to adequate use.
Speaking on his plans in this regard, Rt. Rev’d Adewole explained that the Church has already key into the vision.
He explained, “Concerning what the Church intends to do, recently we sent some of our youths for entrepreneurial training where they will be trained farming and we are going to assist them with some money so that they will be able to stand on their own, give them support in terms of implements and group them into cooperatives so that they can access loans from government.
“Through this we know we will say bye bye to hunger in our country. Not only that jobs will be provided for the teeming population of our youths.
“We are going to seriously invest in agriculture. I have been looking for land and once we get hectares of land we will start. We will not only go for subsistence farming but go for commercial farming and the Lord will help us in Jesus name Amen.”
The synod had as its theme: The Renewed Assurance of His Presence.

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