Teni’s latest outfit raises serious questions about her sexuality


The month of June is globally recognised as the month for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender  (LGBT)  community. It is also common knowledge that the symbol for the LGBT community is a rainbow.
Nigerian singer, Teniola, in alleged solidarity to the LGBT community, rocked rainbow socks to her performance at ‘The Ends Festival’ in UK.
Singer Speed Darlington actually raised the question, noticing the singer’s rainbow socks, he asked the question about whether or not she belongs to the LGBT community. In his words, ‘Nigerians is she gay? I mean lesbian? is she trying to tell us something.”
He went on to say,”I hope not because if she’s openly gay that music no go pop again I know this for sure Nigeria is a very religious country nobody is booking gay musician. She is going to need to move to white country for that.”
This is not the first time that Teni’s intimate life is under questioning. A while back, a Facebook user identified as Mr-Rational Laughter MrL-Comedy took to his timeline to share a personal view about singer, Teniola.
In his post, the young man had claimed that the female singer belonged to the LGBT community. He went on to add that the information had been revealed to him by a close friend of the songstress.
His post had been met with mixed reactions with some of his followers expressing their concerns over his claims.
This personal claim by the social media may not be the first, as some people have often expressed concerns over the dress sense of the female musician.
Teni is mostly spotted rocking big size t-shirts and trousers. She is ever hardly seen putting on fashion pieces that are more familiar with females.  Recently, she added a  du-rag to her already questionable fashion statements, which totally makes her look manly.
Currently, no one knows anything about her relationship status, and the singer-songwriter hasn’t been seen with anyone hinted to be her lover.
The plus-sized singer and song writer Teniola Apata, popularly known as Teni entertainer is considered to be a tomboy who prefers the African style and has won several awards especially for her “fargin” song.

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