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Egyptian women number one in beating husbands, shows UN study


While the East is not known for ‘abusive’ women, surprising statistics revealed by the UN indicate that Egyptian women are ‘world number one’ in abusing and beating their husbands.
Egypt is followed by the United Kingdom and India in the ranking. The data, obtained from the Egyptian Family Court, shows that 66% of wives who abuse and beat their husbands apply for divorce in the Family Court.
Husbands who suffer abuse often have no another way to defend themselves from the violence except by suing their wives, with cases reaching 6,000.
The data further reveals that wives don’t only use their hands in beating their husbands, but also tools such as pins, belts, weapons, kitchen tools and shoes. Some even using sleeping pills in order to beat and burn their husbands.
Earlier this year, Egypt’s top prosecutor has ordered the arrest of a Facebook page administrator whose assertion on a popular television talk show that a third of married women in the conservative country are unfaithful caused a social media uproar.
The public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for Taymour el-Sobky, accusing him of slandering Egyptian women and damaging their honor, according to a statement from his office.

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