Parents tasked on girl-child education


The importance of girl-child education in Islam has been described as one of the important tools that makes women successful in life.
The education for women is a cardinal responsibilities of parents and should be given topmost priority.
The Chief Imam of Hasibunalahu Mosque, Ilorin, Sheikh Imam Abdulkareem Abbdulrafeehi, made this known while delivering sermon at Hasibunalahu central Mosque, along Zulu Gambari road, Ilorin, Kwara State on Friday.
Imam Abdulkareem noted that successful parents are those who succeeded in providing adequate education for their children especially a female child.
According to him, “All parents need to focus attention on the girl- child education that, paradise is assured for those who can make sacrifices towards education of their wards.”
He further said that, women either single or married deserve respect and special attention from their husbands, urging men to provide adequately for their family and the most respected man on hearth is a man who gives all what he has to satisfy a woman.
This is to buttress a theory that says’ If you trained a female child, you had trained the entire nation even in the sight of Almighty Allah it is a rewarding phenomenon.
Imam Abdulkareem, expressed displeasure over the attitudes of some Men who treated their Wives like a slave worning that if such man continues in that obnoxious act saying, such persons may not be forgiven by Allah.
“A woman who received proper attention of a man would always be happy and that affection will surely reflect on the children Produced.
“Women are the best teacher of all teachers, and as it is important to educate male child it equally important to educate Female.
“Female child deserved our respect and they should always be treated with topmost regards, concluding that, both sexes entitled to the same benefits”. He submitted.

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