Saraki: The truth you may not know


There is no All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State but former Senate President, Dr. Bukola  Saraki’s  enemies.  So, don’t bother to argue with them because their only interest is in ‘killing’ their successful brother (Saraki) and they will readily swallow dog’s urine in pursuance of that.
If they say it is a lie then  remind them of the following:
They were against their adopted father, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in 2015. The  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members at the time cursed  President Muhammadu Buhari and praised former president Goodluck Jonathan.
And now in APC, they have  swallowed their dungs and now praising Buhari whom they cursed four years ago.
Can you see the hatred?
Since they are shameless, they will say ‘well then’ as we used to say in secondary school back then.
They come with their old story of ‘Bukola looted Kwara for 16 years’. Tell them point blank that, they are the real looters  with these salient points.
75 percent  of those who are claiming Bukola Saraki looted  were the deputy governors, national or state house members, commissioners, SAs,  chairmen and councillors of the LGs under APP of Baba Saraki/Lawal,  PDP of Bukola Saraki or APC of Abdulfatah Ahmed and actively participated in the looting, if it really happened.
They also say Bukola Saraki enslaved Kwarans!
Ask them to tell you the number of Bukola Saraki’s sons or daughters that he used to fill Kwara quota in the Federal Civil Service or Parastatals since 2003?  Ask them to show you the number of Bukola’s cousins, nephews, girlfriends etcetera in the Kwara State Ministries or Parastatals since 2003?
These same people were the ones who put their family members and concubines in position of powers  during the time of Bukola Saraki  and actually  threw Kwarans into slavery.
They are devil that went between Muhammed Lawal and Olushola Saraki to brew crises, from which they fed  fat on. These people  are cunny and evil; they shed  crocodile tears and begged Baba Saraki to bring his son, Bukola to govern the  state. They were the gulttons   that surrounded Bukola as they surround AA (Gov. Abdulrahman Avdulrazaq) today and  gulped  all goodies  during  his first and second tenure as state governor.
They deliberately dropped out after feeding fat and had sharpened their teeth in order to bite the fingers that fed them.
We have no problem with Kwarans who were deceived to believe these fraudsters mean well and voted Bukola out. We are not claiming that  there are no sincere people who never grew through these dubious path taken by them in the struggle termed ‘Kwara liberation,’ but we are tired of the noise of these fake people who are singing praise of the new government as they did when Bukola defeated Muhammed Lawal years back.
Save us from your noises of deceptive praises that  you sang for  those that came before AA and let’s see the difference he will bring into governance within  four years.
As it is now, what we have is a  repetition of what transpired years back and we have not fallen for your game of deceit.
*Concerned Kwaran.

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