Bobrisky set to contest in Miss Nigeria beauty pageant 


Nigeria cross dresser, Bobrisky is one Nigerian celebrity that has been shocking the audience for a few years now.
People are calling him ‘a Nigerian gay’ and ‘a weirdo’.
However, his pictures and his appearance, in general, are really provocative and on point.
He has taken to his Instagram page to reveal that he would be joining the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant soon.
He said that in response to a question someone posed to him on a photo he had posted.
The truth is that Bobrisky has captured a moment in Nigeria’s pop culture history. The funny, charming and controversial cross dresser is a regular on blogs and her Snapchat channel has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers as people clamour for a front row seat to his daily life.
His time in the spotlight, the unwavering support from famous friends like Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh and the general outpouring of support from fans has helped Bobrisky slowly transform into his true self. What started with dabbling with makeup, wearing heels and jewellery has ended up with Bobrisky officially asking to be referred to with female pronouns.
In the meantime, Bobrisky is truly living his best life. Since his emergence, he has fully embraced his newfound identity and has become the unlikeliest of style icons.
Bobrisky certainly doesn’t do anything by halves. The entertaining Snapchatter changes her hair every week and despite claiming to rarely leave the house, has a seemingly never-ending wardrobe.
Though she has had her controversial moments, Bobrisky has proved herself to be a generous and caring person. He has also shown that style has evolved in the country and has become an unlikely style icon and truly transformed into the Barbie doll he always wanted to be.

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