Stop making mockery of our church, Celestial members warn Muka Ray 


Some Celestial church members have lambasted Yoruba filmmaker, Muka Ray.
The church members warned Muka Ray to stop making a mockery of their church in his movies.
They called out the filmmaker, asking him to use Mosques for his movies since he is a Muslim.
A video addressed to one of Nigerian filmmakers, Mukah Ray, is currently making rounds on social media.
The video was released by Celestial church members who addressed certain issues concerning their church in Muka Ray’s movies.
In the video, the church members were heard warning the filmmaker to stop using the Celestial church for movies. The church members claimed that many of the filmmaker’s movie.
According to them, the filmmaker is giving the church a bad name with his movies. They also questioned him for always using churches in his movies when he is a Muslim. They asked the filmmaker to make movies about Muslims and use Mosques, warning him to desist from using Celestial church as a selling point.
Some of them were heard raining curses on the filmmaker.

Nigerian Muslims kicks against Nicki Minaj performing in S’Arabia
Some Nigerians on social media – particularly Muslims – have reacted to the reports that female rapper, Nicki Minaj will be performing at a music festival in Saudi Arabia.
The report has sparked controversy among Muslim netizens as most of them feel such should never take place in the ultra-conservative kingdom because of the overly revealing outfits usually worn by Nicki Minaj when she performs.

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