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Alloy Chukwuemeka is the Director of Football, ABS Football Club of Ilorin. In this interview with MIKE ADEYEMI, he speaks on the likelihood of ABS playing at the top league next season as well as the readiness for the take-off of ABS stadium. Excerpts:
What has been the performance and position of ABS in Nigeria National League (NNL) so far?
ABS FC’s target in the outgone season was to get promotion to the top flight which is also the target of all the 43 clubs in NNL. But, unfortunately, that target was not met, so we are planning ahead of the next season for promotion.
What is the likelihood of ABS playing at NPFL next season?
Yes. We will go back to the drawing board and x-ray our performances viz-a-viz the young players we have in our fold. We hope that by next season the experience they have gained will be an advantage for the club to aspire to the top league.
When would the construction of proposed ABS mini stadium commence and what is the rationale for it?
In line with our vision to make ABS FC a well-structured professional club side, it is our topmost priority to lay the foundation of our mini stadium this year. Plans are on ground already to effect it to complement other structures we have on ground which supports development and growth of football.
How much will the proposed stadia gulp?
We are still awaiting the cost implication from the engineers, it will be made public during the foundation laying ceremony.
When is the foundation laying coming up?
As soon as possible and as I said earlier before the end of this year. We are very much on top of it.
Are you of the opinion that the new Kwara FA leadership will take football to the next level?
So far so good, the new Kwara FA board under the leadership of Mallam Idris Abdullahi Musa Thuraya has so far shown leadership by example in the few weeks of taking over affairs.
The kit partnerships signed in Lagos, the visit to all the local governments to assess facilities, the appointment of an all-encompassing committee, the U-15 governor’s cup among others,  are all clear indications that he meant well for Kwara Football.
Some stakeholders in the Industry said the emergence of Thuraya as FA chairman was divine, while others said it was induced, your reaction to this.
His actions since he assumed office is a clear indication that he prepared for it and worked for his victory which was as ordained by God.
Only God gives leadership position to those he wishes. As stakeholders, ours is to join him and cooperate with him to succeed.
Is it true that ABS coach, Hassan Abubakar will be leaving the club any moment from now?
Coach Hassan Abubakar signed a one season contract which has expired.
He has since submitted his technical report which is being reviewed by the Management. After the review, the management will decide to extend his contract or otherwise.

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