Keke Napep in Liverpool, set to overtake Uber!


Keke Napep is going global. So, the next time you see yourself in the UK, get ready to board one!
Some say Keke Napep is meant for third world countries like India and Nigeria. However, Ola – a cab and rental Service Company thinks it’s a global means of transportation. Whichever side you are on, is here to let you know Keke Marwa is now visibly present in Liverpool, the UK.
Reports reaching us has it that Ola, a cab-hailing service provider, launched its operations in Liverpool, with a fleet of Piaggio and Bajaj auto rickshaws. Ola says its cab service is aiming to overtake Uber ride-sharing service in the UK.
The event was marked with free rides given to passengers on the first day the Keke Napep was launched.
These modern Keke Napep make Liverpool street look more friendly
Ola is an Indian-based cab company and its first entry into the UK was last year, 2018. It signed an MOU with Keke Napep producing company in India, Bajaj to use the tricycles.
The ride-hailing service is presently operating in Bristol, Exeter, Bath, and Cardiff. Liverpool happens to be the fifth city for its service. Ola intends to dominate Uber, its biggest competitor with a different approach that’s geared towards driver empowerment.
Keke Napep services are used by many countries before reaching the UK
According to Ola, a larger portion of the fares will be given to drivers and it will charge 10% as commission, compared to Uber’s 25% commission.
Concerns have been raised by local taxi drivers in the area of licensing and passenger’s safety. However, Ola says their focus is on the safety of passengers and has comfortably pitched its tent in the UK.
Ola ride-hailing service was founded in 2011 by Bhavish Aggarwal from India.
Ola has been operating in countries like India and Australia. Its entrance into the UK will make it the third country to have penetrated. The company is said to have 125 million customers and its entry into an Uber service ground will be a competitive one. Well, the company already has a strategy put in place to take over Uber’s ride-sharing service.
Keke Napep is gradually taking the world by storm.

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