Ikeja police barracks in deplorable state


Six years after a report on the state of the police barracks in Ikeja,
Lagos, went viral, not much has been done to improve the facility.
Former president Goodluck Jonathan who was in power then had paid a
surprise visit to the barracks and subsequently described the report
on the sorry state of the barracks “as a calculated attempt to damage
this government”.
Sadly, however, not much has been done to better the lot of its
occupants since the exposure of the rot there.
The Voice out Vanguard , a Non Governmental Organisation, visited the
place recently and released some pictures.
After the visit, National president of the group, Eneanya Emeka, said:
“Treasures have become a shame to identify with, most buildings are in
decrepit state, the foundations are broken and about to collapse, the
roofs of some of the buildings are weak and sagging, the windows and
doors of most buildings have been damaged.”

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