We have not felt impact of administration — Kwarans


The essence of governance is for the citizens to feel the impact of
government. It is the expectation of the governed from the government
to implement policies that will raise their standard of living. In
Kwara State, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq clocked 100 days in
office on 5th September. ABIODUN BOLUJOKO, samples opinion of Kwarans
on how the present administration has fared thus far.

I’ve not seen changes –  Sherifat Akanbi (Business woman): Honestly,
I have not seen much changes, but we can see that the Governor is
taking certain steps at development. I want to, however, call on the
state government to come to our aid by rehabilitating the road in my

KWSG hasn’t done well – Abdulrasheed Jeje (Business man): From my
point of view, this administration has not done well. We have not
benefitted anything yet from this administration; the Governor has not
fulfilled any of his promises; he said he would pay arrears of Local
Government workers, which he did not do and their salaries are still
being deducted.

I’ve not felt imapct of govt – Abolarin Kemi (Business woman): I have
not felt impact of this government in anyway. The promises the party
made before election has not been fulfilled.

I’ve not benefitted anything – Habeeb Adewuyi (Graduate): I am a
graduate of College of Health Tech, Offa. I am yet to get employment.
Sincerely, I have not benefitted anything from this government.

Unfulfilled campaign promises – Azeez Adebayo – (Trader): Governor
Abdulrazaq has not fulfilled most of his campaign promises. The only
thing which I can regard as impact in my area is the drainage projects
at Gaa-Akanbi Danialu, which is yet to be completed.

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