10 most common car problems every driver must know


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2. Wear and tear: It is not abnormal for a car to wear and tear. The
most expensive and durable cars develop these problems over time. The
longer a car is used, the more likely it is to wear and tear out.
These are signs of the car’s biological clock ticking. It becomes a
problem when they occur too early and often. If you find yourself
dealing with too many wears and tears, you should get expert opinion.
3. Uneven tyre wear: Car tyres are changed regularly. After living out
their lifespan, they begin to wear out. There is nothing wrong with
this. However, when your tyres are wearing out too often and unevenly,
it is a sign of a lingering problem.
Learn how to use spare tyres! Spare tyres: How long do they last?
Rear-car-tyre: Ensure that your car weight is evenly distributed for balance
A car’s weight is supposed to rest on all four tyres, allowing all of
them to bear it. If the suspension is not properly aligned, the weight
gravitates towards a particular area, making it suffer heavier weight.
The effect of this is that the tyres in that particular area begin to
wear out faster than those in other areas.
To create an even use of tyres, change your front tyres to the back
from time to time to ensure that all of them get used adequately.
4. Radiation leaks
Radiation leak problems are often caused by corrosion. Dealing with
the corrosion itself automatically solves the problem. Contaminated
oil, poor maintenance and factory defects are factors that could
affect corrosion negatively.
When the first leakage occurs, you should know that it will continue.
Patching up the radiator is not a very good idea as it can hardly be
properly patched. The best solution is to have it replaced. It is
dangerous to drive a car with radiator leakage problems. Not only can
it make your engine to overheat, it can also set it on fire.
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