Dr Mohammed Dede Ibrahim: An exemplary education administrator


By Ayantunde Ayangbayi

He is cosmopolitan in nature, enlightened and profoundly engrossed
with the preparation of Nigerian youths for the future, through
technical education. Teachers are indeed trained to educate and mould
future leaders in every country, but when one strives to inculcate
excellence and passion while delivering on his mandate, the corollary
of this is a well prepared society.
Here in Kwara State, a dynamic astute administrator who is brimful
with enthusiasm for new lease of life in the educational sector is Dr.
Mohammed Dede Ibrahim, Provost, CEO, Kwara State College of Education,
(Technical) Lafiagi.
The distinguished Provost/CEO, going by his antecedent is a man of
integrity and has always engaged himself only in things that would not
jeopardize his hard earned reputation. Today, he is a role model not
only to the college community, where he superintends but even to his
colleagues who assiduously aspire for his uncommon leadership
With over 28 years of research in the university system, Dr. Mohammed
Dede Ibrahim have over 30 published articles touching areas germane to
his field of study. He held public lectures covering vital issues
like: Examination in Nigeria System: management, conduct, challenges
and others. This rare Gem and educational administrator has
contributed to the development of education in Nigeria.  Dr. Mohammed
Dede Ibrahim has been honoured with several awards touching his
excellent performance in educational development by several
Dr. Mohammed Dede Ibrahim is an illustrious son of Lafiagi Emirate in
Kwara North of Kwara State. |To the glory of Almighty Allah, he is the
Provost and CEO, Kwara State College of Education (Technical) Lafiagi.
He has held the bull by the horns, this six months or so by making
genuine efforts to see that technical education developed despite lean
financial resources.
In his own right, the distinguished Provost is a vibrant
administrator, energetic, full of ideas, lover of people, achiever,
trusted and most importantly a very good team player. Assisting him to
achieve success are; Motalib Akanbi, Deputy Provost (Academics),
HarunaIya Salihu, Deputy Provost (Admin.), Amiable and dependable
Oyedele Joshua  Olugbenga, Registrar & Secretary to governing council,
he plays a tripartite roles in the  college, he functions as secretary
to all committees in the college, Abubakar Usman, College libarian,
holds the traditional title of SUMASIN Lafiagi, Engineer Adebayo
Sikiru, Director of Works and Sa’ad Salman Abdulrazaq, CNA, Bursar and
many other committed staff of the college who showed love and
enthusiasm in working with the provost  to achieve resounding success.
It is on record that the college campus has experienced peace,
concord, unity and gradual development since his assumption as the
Two ways communication channel that encourages feedback is attained.
Accessibility and open door policy is also maintained, notice boards
and suggestion boxes are available in getting feedbacks on programmes
and policies as it affects staff and students. Confidence is restored
in Student Union Government (SUG) as dialogue is implored in solving
problem(s). The locals are given jobs, opportunities to be food and
pure water vendors on campus, they also operate ‘Kabukabu’ from town
to the college campus, some are involved in sales of recharge cards,
dried fish, operating computer business centre, etcetera. This gives
opportunity to students/staff to be calm on campus, face their studies
squarely to achieve excellence and success. No doubt, Dr. Mohammed
Dede Ibrahim is leading a resourceful management team with highly
discipline and hardworking staff who are committed to their
jobs/professional callings.
Dr. Sunday Adebara, a director in the college and prince from Shao,
Moro LGA, said, “Dr. Mohammed Dede Ibrahim is a God sent Administrator
to the College, since assumption of office. Peace that is the panacea
of development anywhere in the world is apparent not only in the
College Community alone, entire Lafiagi Emirate is very peaceful. He
is an embodiment of peace and exemplary leader. ”.
A female staff in the Agric department who does not want her name to
be mentioned, said, “Dr. Mohammed Dede Ibrahim, is an outstanding
resource manager, very hard working, patient and listening leader, who
has distinguished himself in his chosen career”.
A security guard attached to the library said,”OgaProvost is a star at
its peak of brightness, very humble, and has human feelings for all,
irrespective of class, position, colour, sex, race etc. I pray for him
daily to continue to succeed”.
This journalist believes that the determination, commitment and great
personal conduct being exhibited since assumption of office to bring
smiles to students, staffs and researchers and assisting Mr. Governor
(Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq) are clear testimony that Dr. Mohammed
Dede Ibrahim, Provost/CEO, Kwara State College of Education
(Technical), Lafiagi is a man of history, courageously responding to
the challenges of purposeful leadership.
He needs the support of all and sundry to continue to succeed, Insha Allah!!!
*Ayangbayi  is a Media Consultant.

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