Gifty gave my child to another man after I refused to give her money


Mr 2Kay has alleged that his reality star ex-girlfriend Gifty Powers
gave his child to another man after he refused to give her some money.
Mr 2kay said The Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate stays relevant by
attacking him following their Instagram exchange days ago in which she
called him a pig for supporting Tacha.
Reacting to Gifty’s vibe at him, Mr. 2kay said:
“I am a free-spirited person. Have you ever seen me attack her? She’s
the one always attacking me. I was saying that I know Tacha and she
doesn’t have body odour. People misinterpreted that to mean I had seen
her in the morning before her shower, when she is actually my sister.
When Gifty involved herself, I didn’t respond to her.
“She is the mother of my daughter and I respect my kid, so I won’t
react. She doesn’t understand this and she seizes every opportunity to
attack me.
“Gifty asked for an outrageous sum of money for a kid that hadn’t
clocked one year and she told my sister that she was going to give my
kid to another person. I didn’t object but I just said that the kid
would look for her real father when she’s grown.”
“She’s always using me to stay relevant. Whether I sing or not, I’ll
still be relevant but who remembers her name when mentioned? Her
existence is tied to me”.

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