Toyin Abraham, Liz Anjorin go for each other’s jugular following reports that Liz was ‘held’ for drugs in Saudi Arabia

There’s a bit of drama in the Yoruba movie industry at the moment and
here’s how it started.
An Instagram blog reported that Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin was
‘held and searched for drug peddling’ during her recent hajj trip to
Saudi Arabia. The report went on to say the actress was ‘teary all
through her encounter with the security agents at the airport’.
In her response to the story, Liz Anjorin said her investigations
revealed that her colleague, Toyin Abraharam ‘leaked’ the story to
blogs and she came for her guns blazing.
Toyin Abraham has also responded to her with a strongly worded
statement saying, ‘I have instructed my lawyers to take up this matter
and she will be hearing from them by Monday’.
Mama please clear the air how you were held for Drug peddling search
and was teary all through, I know you won’t tell your gullible fans
about that, but if na another thing una go don shake IG.
This is a Gossip Blog and we write stories be it Bad or Good, so deal
with that, Iya Adini tell your Fans o, we are waiting and stop
dragging who is not.
Liz Anjorin’s reaction…
Musa hold my cloth …Na jeje I dey hustle do my business.
Sugbon evil is part of life and fighting is part of winning evil. Who
remember that actor attached to ?? That was deported from America??
Who remember the cross….That was deported from London?? Haaaaa… mi
o mon nkankan ..until gistlover comment section was flooded with so
much jubilation from them ke?? Egbami ke ?? .
Weekend oloyin re oo. Too much question will force me to release
evidence wisdom they help me keep some facts …that was why I
dey work so hard like machine because things about life is bigger than
life gangan.
You need to stay more calm for evidence before you get blocked ..if I
block you before you see evidence ..e go pain you , because you need
to know HUMAN
Toyin Abraham fires back….
It has come as a rude shock that some upstarts masquerading as
Nollywood actors keep dragging my name into unnecessary drama whenever
they are trolled online. I’ve had my own share of online trolling but
not for once did I drag the names of any actor or celebrities into the
fray even when we don’t have cordial relationships.
Today, an actress directly mentioned my name as the owner or informant
of an Instagram blog, and libeled my person and reputation by implying
I planted or published some negative news about her.
Why she mentioned my name, I can’t say. What she’s trying to achieve,
I can’t fathom. Long ago, I bade bye bye to unnecessary drama and
petty online/offline squabbles and so I won’t descend to her gutter
Her so-called “evidence” of my involvement was a comment I left on the
page of a fan she suspected is behind the story. How I became
connected to the story beats me. This level of cluelessness is
For the umpteenth time, stop holding me responsible for the actions or
inactions of other people as it concerns you. Whether they are my fans
or not, I don’t regulate or determine their behaviour or conduct.
Nobody holds Beyonce responsible for what her teeming fans, “Beyhives”
Anyways, I have instructed my lawyers to take up this matter and she
will be hearing from them by Monday. It’s time to put a stop to online
bullying and bad behaviour in line with the rule of law.”

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