10 most common car problems every driver must know


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5. Worn out brake pads: A number of car problems can be managed, but
the brakes are not on that list. If your brake pads are bad, it
suffices to say that your car in general is bad because it is
dangerous to put a car with bad brakes on the road.
More tips for you: Make your brakes last longer with these 4 simple tips
The rule is to carry out regular maintenance on your brakes. That way,
you are able to detect problems before they fully manifest or worsen
into more serious problems. Do not wait for your brakes to get to that
point of total breakdown because it might happen on the highway, and
the consequences are dangerous.
6. Emission system problems
The emission system encompasses tools that help your car to minimize
pollution while it functions effectively. Some of these tools are very
sensitive, and can easily develop problems. One of these is the O2
sensor. The sensor informs the engine about the quantity of oxygen to
add to the mixture of fuel. When it is faulty, the car engine begins
to malfunction.
7. Transmission problems
The transmission is used to regulate speed. Basically, it refines
engine-generated power into torque for the use of the wheels.
Transmission gears wear out over time, making shifting of gears
problematic. Have it checked early enough as a total breakdown is very
costly to fix.
A very common problem, especially in Nigeria: Water in car
transmission: why it happened & how to fix it.
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