5 ways to keep your style on point this rainy season


The Nigerian weather these days is unpredictable. One moment you are stepping out into sunshine and the next, its raining cats and dogs. Instantly go from dripping hot to dripping wet and uncomfortable.
Here are tips to help you stay comfortable this season and still slay while you are at it.
1. First, the golden rule is to avoid every appearance of white this season. Especially if you commute by public transportation, imagine getting caught up in the rain wearing white jeans? or a white chiffon top, apart from  it getting dirty, white becomes transparent in the rain and shows off well,  some parts we would rather keep private.
2. Next, you may need to switch things in your wardrobe around this season, let the jeans rest for a while, consider a mix of cotton or chiffon pants and well fitting skirts.
3. On shoes, ladies  love stilettos, especially for those who are petite. Walking on wet floors in stilettos can be risky and to avoid breaking your beautiful legs. Ditch them for flats, sneakers, pumps, wedges and sandals. Shoes made of rubber material or rubber soles are preferable this season so that your shoes don’t get smelly when they get splashed. Honestly, sneakers look great this season especially if you are rocking them on short dresses or skirts. Get creative.
4. Then about hair. You need more effort to keep your hair looking good and smelling good. Try wearing your hair in buns, ponytail or braids. Braids are great for the season. If its uncomfortable carrying an umbrella around, try a simple shower cap, just make sure you take it off before entering your destination.
5.Lastly, you can’t be caught unfresh, always have a handy perfume oils or a simple perfume, to avoid body odour.

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