10 most common car problems every driver must know


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8. Transmission fluid leakage: The transmission makes use of fluid for
lubrication. In automatic transmission cars, the fluid is also used as
coolant. Having been used over time, the transmission might develop
holes that lead to leakage. Fluid meant to be used in the car leak out
through these holes, leading to shortage.
Keep the fluid fresh and clean.
9. Dead battery
There isn’t much you can do with your car when the battery is dead.
Leaving gadgets on for too long drains the battery. Sometimes, a jump
is all you need to fix it, and other times, you will need a
10. Starter problems
If your car is taking too long to start, it is possible that there is
a problem with the starter. There is no cause for alarm as the starter
can be fixed easily – that is if you do not let it linger for too long
and degenerate.
The remedy to common car problems is early detection. That is why
routine maintenance is advised. Have your car checked regularly to be
abreast with its condition.

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