Land Rover @ 70:  7 most outstanding Land Rover models


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3. Land Rover 90 (1989): Having ushered in the Defender 110 in 1983,
it was clear to Land Rover that the stakes were high. There was no
slowing down. Keeping up with the pace, it introduced the Defender 90
in 1989. The Defender got its name from the size of its wheelbase with
a measurement of 92 inches i.e 2, 362 mm  land-rover-90
Land Rover 90 earned the automaker the reputation of an off-road champion
In terms of appearance, the Defender 90 had it all covered. It exuded
the vibe of a car that was not on the road to play. In no time, it
earned a reputation for itself as an off-road champion. Sensing this
appeal among the public, Land Rover leveraged the reception to
establish itself as a private vehicle for recreational sport. It took
on a notorious personality in its marketing efforts.
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4. Land Rover Discovery Series 1 (1989)
The Discovery gave users an opportunity to have the best of both
worlds. Prior to its launch, Land Rover models were known for their
rugged appeal. If you wanted a Land Rover vehicle, you would have to
give up luxury to a great extent. Although the Range Rover was quite
luxurious, it was sold at a very high price which many people could
not afford. With the discovery, Land Rover gave her esteemed customers
the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious car without having to break the
bank. Interestingly, the luxury of the Discovery was not at the
expense of its off-road notoriety.
The Land Rover Discovery created a balance between comfort and off-road appeal.
5. Range Rover (2003)
Land Rover was not done with the Range Rover after its maiden launch.
Thirty years later, it brought another Range Rover on the scene with
the third generation. The 2002 model which was first on the list for
the third generation witnessed a great upgrade. It made history as the
first model of Range Rover to be manufactured under the ownership of
BMW. A great deal of its electrical features was the same as that of
the E39 5 Series.
The Range Rover 2003 was manufactured under the ownership of BMW.
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