Land Rover @ 70:  7 most outstanding Land Rover models


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6. Range Rover Evoque (2011): Granted, the Range Rover may not be in
the same league with its counterparts in terms of notoriety. But one
cannot deny that it brought about a transformation to the brand. It
remains the smallest SUV in terms of size, and was received by a
larger audience compared to others. It was preferred to previous
models like the Range Rover Sport and the Ranger Rover.
Here comes the price of Evoque: Range Rover Evoque price in Nigeria
(2019) – the classy petite from Range Rover.
The Range Rover Evoque was more appealing to a larger audience due to its design
7. Range Rover Sport SVR (2014): Land Rover had something up its
sleeves, and it was made public with the launch of the Range Rover
Special Vehicle Racing (SVR). The SVR was the redefinition of Land
Rover’s performance.  Its debut was loud with a supercharged V8 5.0
liters engine, producing 550 horsepower. With all this power, it was
no surprise that the SUV was doing 60 miles in an hour. Suffice to
say, the SVR is proof that the brand has a lot to offer beyond
off-road luxury.
The Range Rover Sport redefined the brand’s performance.
These 7 models from Land Rover reaffirm the good work the automaker
has been doing in the past 70 years. As they step into their new year,
the world awaits more masterpieces from them.

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