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9 leading Law firms in Nigeria


A firm is a business organisation which often times is called company.
A law on the other hand is the whole system of rules that people in a
particular country or area must obey. Therefore, a law firm is a
company that provides legal business and employs the services of a
lawyer to engage in the practice of law. Not everyone can play the
role of a lawyer or have access to the legal information legal firms
have access to. You might say it is their job. well I agree partially.
No matter how good you are in self-defence via verbal defence as an
individual who is not a lawyer. When you have a legal case, you cannot
proceed without the services of a lawyer. Despite the experience and
knowledge that a lawyer can bring to the table to resolve a legal
conflict many individual still do not hire the service of a lawyer,
this sometimes backfires with a complicated consequences attached
since ignorance they say is not an excuse under the law. Remember this
always before you ignore the service of a lawyer. This is the more
reason you need a lawyer. The legal process this day is
extraordinarily complex with federal and states laws administrative
rules and government agency regulations. These affect every individual
and organization legal rights and responsibility. But, the good news
is that lawyers have years of education and training in law, this they
leverage on when they are within the four wall of the court. It will
be very easy to file the wrong documents in the court of law, use the
wrong terms as an individual who is not a lawyer, all these can
greatly impair your legal rights and at worst loss the legal case. A
lawyer can help you out in any legal issue once and for all
Nigeria is an endowed country. Blessed with so many resources, both
natural and human resources. Nigeria has also serve as an incubator
for numerous businesses both local and international. In Nigeria, law
firm is just one of the various types of business organizations. They
have really have good time in Nigeria. Law firms have really had good
times in Nigeria being a developing country also gives reasons why law
firms have worked their way to fame in the affair of this nation
Not too long ago the body (chamber Global) responsible for
regularizing law bodies released the ranking of law firms in Nigeria.
The Chambers global directory published every year by the chambers and
partner are basically known for rating leading law firms and lawyers
in various practice areas such as banking & finance, corporate or
commercial, dispute resolution and so on. This list released by the
chambers is always considered a go to guide for clients in search of
the best lawyers. Law firms in Nigeria will always be consulted as
long as the rule of law plays a central role in the Nigeria business
environment. Law firms will be consulted on new development in all
sectors. It is of no doubt that lawyers and law firms have an
important role in helping investors interpret and navigate regulatory
guidelines for structuring transactions in relevant sectors.
The Nigeria law firms and layers are ranked in categories or bands
with band 1 usually having the highest rating.
Below are some of the top leading law firms in Nigeria with little
about what they are known for.
Aluko & Oyebode: this is a leading law firm with full service
international and local practices. It provides timely and solution
driven services to its clients across various market in most
Continents of the world. This firm compliments its corporate and
commercial legal services with a solid litigation and alternative
dispute resolution practice. The practice area of Aluko & Oyebode
legal services encompasses the full range of corporate and commercial
legal services which include dispute resolution, telecommunication,
intellectual property, banking and finance and so on. Their branch
offices are located in the key commercial centres of Nigeria such as
Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.
Banwo & Ighodalo: This legal firm is known in areas of capital market,
securities, mergers & acquisition and also one of the best law firms
in corporate finance & reinstructing, project finance, shipping,
intellectual property, energy and natural resources. They are
recommended for resolving complex issues, lender-side matters. Their
secret is found in them combining industrial experience and commercial
understanding with high level of legal knowledge which pave way for
their absolute excellent service. Banwo & Ighodalo is a very pragmatic
and client focused progressive firm
Elias & Co popularly known as solicitors and advocators. They have
kept the record of always able to meet and exceed clients
expectations. G. Elias & Co provides excellent delivery of services in
a manner that is consistent with the best standards, they offers
practical and viable advice according to passed records. They
regularly handles mergers between upstream oil and gas companies. In
the field of real estate, they offer full service commercial real
estate practice over good numbers of organizations such as residential
property, logistics, hospitality and office. This company often acts
on significant local transaction as well as advising renowned
international clients on their interest in investing into Nigeria
economy. With this, they are much more respected by the quality of
knowledge they render in form of services to their clients
Olaniwun Ajayi LP: The olaniwun Ajayi LP has been active in project
finance, acquisition finance and also corporate borrowing. In the
aspect of commercial, corporate and M & A, the olaniwun has extensive
experience in business advisory, foreign investment, insurance sector
and corporate organisation matters. In dispute resolution, the
Olaniwun has regularly handles banking and commercial disputes,
white-collar crime case.
Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie: this is a full term commercial law firm with
offices in Nigeria’s principal commercial centres. It is popularly
referred to as one of Nigeria’s magic triangle law firms. Their focus
actually is to structure timely practical and creative legal solutions
founded on the idea of seeking to provide tailored legal advice that
is accessible and commercially oriented. The strength of udo &
Belo-osagie team cut across broad range of practice areas including M
& A financial transaction, private equity etc
Templars: This is a full service law firm with the well equip
knowledge to handle the legal needs of clients in Nigeria’s peculiar
business environment. Templars is strategically known to offer top
quality legal service in the major economic hubs of the country. One
of templars functions as a team is in assisting clients in analysing
the risks involved in their transaction. Basically the corporate and
commercial team at templars advises clients on matters including
regulatory compliance and taxation. They have kept the track records
of catching foreign companies attention in seeking the firm’s advice
on the ideal of setting up and carrying out business in Nigeria.
Templars team is also versed in both domestic and foreign business
transactions involving the formation of strategic alliance and
business arrangement. Templars is located at A.J Marinho, Victoria
island, Lagos.
Abdulai Taiwo & Co.: This firm maintains its impressive attitude
towards prominent international and local clients which engage its
services. It is an innovative law firm which has a good grasp of well
structured international procedures. This team’s mission is to remain
as a compact and seasoned commercial law firm that combines its broad
commercial law expertise with the knowledge of local business norms in
order to provide practical and atomized solutions to clients request
by deliberate policy
Odujinrin & Adefulu: This is a legal service located in lagos, Abuja
and port Harcourt. It is a full commercial law firm operating in major
commercial States as mentioned above. It was established in 1972,
making it one of Nigeria’s oldest subsisting legal partnership. The
odujinrin & Adefulu are known for satisfying with a wealth of
experience to the service of their clients in matters pertaining to
energy and natural resources, corporate and project finance, real
estate, dispute resolution etc. They are primarily driven by the
humanly and compassionate concerns about their clients. They are
always on the lookout for better ways to provide services to their
clients, provide better value for their client’s money and delivery
quicker response time is their call values. They are law firm that can
be banked upon at anytime any day. Partners of Odunjinrin & Adefulu
includes  Mr. Lucky Ayeki, Miss Olubukola Olabiyi.
Ajumogobia & Okeke: Taxation and foreign investment property,
corporate and commercial law etc are what this firm is known for. They
are also known as the A & O with their office located at Ikeja and NAL
towers, Marian, Lagos. The A & O is a leading commercial firm in
Nigeria that have a good records of satisfaction of their clients in
the past years.

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