Kwarans, constituents condemn Saraki’s replacement, Oloriegbe for poor representation

Described him as ‘Garri senator’

By Mumini AbdulKareem

Senator representing Kwara Central senatorial district at the National Assembly, Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe has come under heavy attack from Kwarans and members of his constituents who accused him of poor representation.

Oloriegbe replaced former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki who he defeated in the 2019 senatorial election.

This development is coming just as his media aide; Mr Bolaji Aladie rose to his principal’s defence last night adding that critics have not been fair to the senator when they are making comparism with past Kwara Central representatives.

It was another backlash from youths of his constituency and others Kwarans believed to be members of the APC who trolled him on social media after he updated his profiles on Facebook which was visited by this reporter last night.

Oloriegbe had updated his profile photo on his official Facebook page regarding the garri processing plant which he used his personal fund to revive.

But the respondents took advantage of the uploaded photos about the event to air their displeasures and disappointment accusing him of poor representation after his elections.

In February, a youth from his constituency and chieftain of APC, Ishowo had also released a short video that went viral on the internet accusing Oloriegbe for using his children as legislative aides in a constituency where youths who worked for his emergence are languishing in acute poverty and joblessness.

But according to Aladie, “This is very unfortunate, the project for garri processing was done last month and those that are directly affected where happy with him and lauded his efforts. This project was done from his personal money.

“Those that are comparing Oloriegbe with past occupants of the Seat like former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, minister of State for Works and Transport, Gbemisola Saraki and Dr Salman among others should be fair enough to limit such comparism to their term of office.

“Our people need to be enlightened on the core duties of a senator, do they expect him to expend his salary on people. Already two of his bills have already got to the public hearing stage and he has raised several motions on the Covid-19 pandemic as the chairman senate committee on earth.

“Oloriegbe problem is that he is a political technocrat who believes that getting the job done is different from making noise all over the media space. Most of the works ongoing now across constituencies in the state were the ones facilitated by former lawmakers that were captured in the budget. But no matter what critics say or twisted, we shall continue to serve the people and continue to explore how to make our constituency, the people and state generally better”, he added.

Some of the comments read: Oloriegbe or what do you call yourself, People saying God bless u sir are the myopic minds who do not understand basic of governance. When other senators are executing constituency projects, you are here shouting God bless like alubara at Idumota or Oyingbo Lagos. Nonsense – Babs Atanda Tunde

Abinibi yato sability, a whole senator – Keto Olarewaju

A Hon in the State House of Assembly performs much more than this … Senator, he was wrongly elected I swear – Abdurraheem Musa Aremu

The Hon commissioner for GARRI processing factory; Alhaji Yahaya Oloriegbe – Rah Olayinka

Senator plastic, liquid soap, garri and kulikuli. Mr Senator Sir, as far as I like you during private interaction at your Office, Oloriegbe House, Ilorin, you never demonstrated what you said about your family name sir and your very self. Do you remember that? Actions speak louder than voice but we are seeing the opposite. May Allah help us in 2023 – Babatunde Babamale Babs

Good morning sir, I will like you to know that all this yeye LO that you are giving#10,000,00 monthly, cannot portray you well. You must know that people are expecting some tangible results from you. Repairing hand bore hole is nothing from the senator, please do some good work, and also all the appointment that you are giving to your family is not good please help the masses that voted for you – Gani Shoto

Good day sir, senator, during the campaign time, Oloriegbe group here and there in all the 4 local governments you want to represent then. Now by the grace of God and the people you are now senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria. All your yeye LO now said you don’t need any group again, even if you are not going to contest for second term, you need to leave good legacy you have throw away all your group and you only pay attention to the riffraffs in constituency office. But GOD DEE OOO – Shooto

The distinguished Doctor Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, please let the action go on because people are expecting more from you sir; please try to do tangible things that will convince the people. God will be with you sir – Jamiu Isiaka

Honorable commissioner for Garri processing factory – Rah Olayinka

Senator Garri – Comrade Issa Abdulfatah Kayode

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