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Fighting corruption with corruption

By Ayobrown Adetunji
No subject is terrible if the story is true, Nigeria is now an open nation for anything and everything, indeed madness seems to have set in. Though, the country may survive eventually, but god save the citizens. Public opinion matters a great deal, without it everything will surely fall apart. If you doubt this, an analysis of recent developments in country will serve you convincingly.
Nigeria on a free fall mode; if what the opposition sees is what other Nigerians too are seeing, then it is catastrophe because failure to tackle insecurity within these intimidating allegations of corruptions under this government can portend greater danger for our national existence.
Not long ago, when the Transparency International (TI) stated that the worst kind of corruption was happening in Nigeria under this regime, but the Federal Government (FG) was sarcastic in its reaction and now the situation has continued to move from bad to worse. With no pretence about it while critically appraising all government agencies in this administration, it is a fact that almost all, if not all agencies including the anti-graft body itself, are grossly engulfed in corruption.
Nostalgia; denial of painful presence, in the last five years the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), rather than bring the corrupt practices of the agencies to the fore, the Presidency seems to be leading in the great cover-up, especially with the decision to take investigation of these agencies, including the interrogation of suspects to Aso Rock Villa and behind camera where all the exposed issues are kept away from public glare. This in a way threw integrity down the toilet, until providence decided to expose the massive fraud going on in the nation’s anti-corruption agency.
Rubbing elbows with corruption, it is very disheartening that as the looting and the re-looting of the nation’s resources are going on under the watch of the acclaimed anti-corruption president. No serious action or reaction is coming from a government that prides itself to be fighting corruption. Most Nigerians are now more aware that after the massive fraud exposition, involving strong members of this administration, subtle moves are on behind the scene to free culprits and save the face of the government at the expense of the nation’s integrity.
Everyone has a story about the on going madness, nothing good can come from the present security formula, public opinions across the country have shown as echoed by the National Assembly, calling for the sack of security chiefs.
It is a far cry from the intentions of our founding father, many are the frightening developments in our country and the fact that things are getting worse daily shows the inconsistence in government’s fight against corruption. It seems no effort is being made from any angle to halt the free fall as being witnessed in all fronts in the country. But as reality dawn on all, both the military and political leaders are now helpless and confused as Buhari and his government have exhausted all propagandas of winning the war against terrorism and corruption, which are only strong in their statements and press releases.
Heading for the edge of insanity, without being economical with truths, the fact has been established that there is no governance in Nigeria except an attitude that is worsening the state of insecurity more than ever witnessed before. That the Nigeria Senate has asked the service chiefs to resign shows the world that there is no effective executive arm of government in place here. Some said this has been the case since this administration came on board in 2015, disguising as an anti-corruption regime while in reality it was aiding and looting the country dry.
Cheap is cheap, you get what you paid for, if being patient doesn’t get you what is needed, it’s important to know when to thrash non-performing plans, as many Nigerians have given more reasons why Buhari should resign from office too.
Thanks for no thanks, worried citizens have lost all interest in the ability of the current security formations that have been engulfed by corruption as insecurity spreads across the entire nation.
Everyone praises the main opposition party, for asking President Buhari to resign over insecurity and damning corruption scandals rocking his government in the face of his war against so call oppositions. The ‘free for all’ corruption going on shows the fact that the country is dying and these present government officials are scrambling for what they can get out of it before the final stroke.
We are all in a state of helplessness; where is our security agents when we need help? The state of helplessness we are in shows that the FG is not our friend, because latest killings in Southern Kaduna, Katsina, and many other states in the country have shown nothing but inefficiency of leadership.
Then call made by the National Assembly is what sensible people will make if they are in our type of situation, and the honourable thing for President Muhammadu Buhari to do is to resign when there are no new or better ideas. Because where do we start when all segments of governance seem to have collapsed as a result of corruption, insecurity and poverty. Many Nigerians became helpless and had to come to accept and live like citizens of nations without leader and any meaningful direction.
And as the presidency seemingly intended to protect those that are neck deep in the growing cheapness and corruption indictments, rather than confront the already exposed corruption culprits, seems to be deliberately taking cautious steps to play it down.
But it takes a lot of sensitivity to hate such attitude. The President need to rise up immediately to face these challenges to reduce the level of confusion in the system. Serious world leaders live by simple rule; they use teams that thrives.
The nation’s economy is now in depression as its recession is being fast-tracked by the widening scope of corruption involving operatives at high places of governance which is further worsening the life situations of citizens.
When you eliminate the improbable, then you have to consider the impossible, better actions must be put at all corners to stem the frightening tide in the country. Not even during the three years brutal civil war did our country witness as much as the killing of soldiers or as many as over 300 soldiers resigning from their duties and pouring abuses on their commander. Only poor leadership from the military and the polity can so drag down the morale of soldiers to such a pitiable level.
It is about time we put a stop to corruption fighting corruption, we don’t always have to do it the Nigerian way.
*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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