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Saraki’s indelible footprints

Ask many of Dr Bukola Saraki’s detractors to rate his performance as Governor of Kwara State, they will unanimously declare that he did nothing. The immediate past Senate president, they will vituperate, performed woefully, with no visible achievement in all areas of governance. This obnoxious conclusion is not borne out of credible fact finding, but a product of mindless, malicious and destructive propaganda. It served them well during the last general elections. However, like most fallacies, the peddled lies are without foundation and today are crumbling on none but the peddlers themselves. The Abdulrasaq government rode on this falsehood to power and for many months used it to dubiously hide his incompetence and cluelessness. Today, Kwara people are wiser. The only people who still believe the propaganda against Saraki are the Governor and his diehards. Truth, they say, is constant and indestructible. Saraki does not need to defend himself against his detractors. His achievements in the eight years he piloted the affairs of Kwara state stand out in their glory. They are visible, even to those who chose to be blind, those who see trees but refused to see the forest. They are enduring and indestructible. They will forever speak for him, to the present generation and the ones coming.

The Debt Management Office (DMO), a federal government agency which is a catalyst for the development of infrastructure in the country captured Saraki’s invaluable services to the state and people of Kwara in a congratulatory letter it wrote following the rating of Kwara by Fitch, a foremost international rating agency in the year 2008.
DMO in the letter signed by the then Director-General, Abraham Nwankwo wrote:
“I write to congratulate you on behalf of my humble self, the Management and Members of staff of the Debt Management Office (DMO), for being assigned a Foreign and Local Currency Ratings of B+ and a National Long-term rating of AA-(Minus) by Fitch, a foremost international credit rating agency.
2. The ratings reflect the steady progress in the economic reform of Kwara state as exemplified by the rapid growing economic wealth indicators, modest debt and strong budgetary performance.
3. This distinctive achievement in being the first state in Nigeria to be assigned a credit rating by an international credit rating agency such as Fitch further confirms and reinforces the tireless, dedicated and invaluable services you have been rendering to the state
4. We pray that Allah SWT guides you as you continue to serve the country.
5. Once again, congratulations.
Magana yakare.

As Faoziyat adds another year
Faoziyat, wife of the former Chief Press Secretary to Kwara state Governor, Mas’ud Adebimpe was a year older last Wednesday. I had breezed into town the previous evening and had looked forward to a day-long rest the following day, but a call from my beloved friend and brother changed all that. He had called to welcome me back to town and as it was customary of me, I asked after his wife, a woman I hold in high esteem. He answered in the positive and added casually that her birthday comes next day.
I was excited and promised to come around his place to share the joy of the day with the celebrator. ” Even if I have to trek kilometres I will do it to honour my sister, your wife”, I joked. Faoziyat is a woman blessed with attributes lacking in most women and wives. She is industrious, easy going, friendly and courteous, but shy. A supportive and dutiful wife to my friend and accommodating to his relatives and friends, Faoziyat is a rare gem. A combination of beauty and responsibility. Join me in wishing this remarkable woman a happy birthday.
May Allah SWT bless her with many more years of joy and happiness.

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