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Who are the bandits?

By Adetunji AyoBrown
Scandinavians are known to be straight forward people but can Nigerians too be qualified with this same good adjective. Truly who are the kidnappers and bandits? Many were quick to chorus the same answer. The youths, mostly the people of young ages are the strength behind it. But whose youths? Some Nigerian youths? Those are the questions many kept asking that both sectional and regional stakeholders are unable to answer. When pity refused to pity itself in its pitiable conditions. What a pity!
Whomsoever Allah guide no one to misguide. Except the display of cheating, absolutely, Abacha’s time was a golden era. Terrorism now has a leader and friends in the Aso Rock because Buhari is alleged to be enhancing and not seen to adequately countered erosion of Nigeria’s unity.
Our nation is now in full-scale banditry mode. Many Nigerians concluded that the nation’s disunity starts from at the top, the Presidency. Glaring how Buhari is behaving like he his only the Fulani’s president and not that of Nigeria nation. Don’t go near devil’s nephew, Nigerians now see all Fulani herders as satanic.
The entire polity went flat on the news of the Arewa Youth Federation (AYF) challenging Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State to prove that he was attacked by Fulani herdsmen. Gunmen opened fire on the governor’s convoy on his returning from his farm at Tyo-Mu Community, a distance of fewer than 20 kilometres from Makurdi, the state capital.
The entire good citizens were chagrined by such inflammatory statements attributed to a group publicly declared their unequivocal intention and mission to kill the governor, his collaborators and whoever is against the Fulani long term interest as a case of vengeance.
His rhythm of silence is the dividing the nation and Buhari government just recorded another very bad precedence. Attempt on the life of an executive governor of a state is not only an attempted attack on the entire people of the state. But the entire entity, called Nigeria.
When governors don’t feel safe within their states, then how safe are ordinary citizens on their ways to farms.
Such display by AYF in the country is not surprising because we all knew who are devils in the jungle. Asking how Ortom arrived at the conclusion that it was carried out by Fulani herders is taunting. Or perhaps AYF know those who are responsible for the attack but refused to speak up. Little wonder why banditry and terrorism consumes are almost the entire north.
We all don’t know or pretend not to who what is happening. Shame invert reality. Only victims who lacked good parenting now on the rampage can alter such nasty question. But trust Nigerians with silly-packed response to such provocative call.
But who are these bandits? Some people were categorical that they youths. But whose youths? Perhaps, some unimaginably and childishly believed they are from their own other parts of the country where banditry and kidnappings is just the cradle. To be candid who are the kidnappers? Other tribes too are joining the terrible bad wagons.
Stories from their words. Prove that you were attacked by Fulani herders, Arewa youths challenging Ortom is callous and cruel. To worsening the matter, Attack On Ortom must not be politicized, was Buhari’s best answer to Nigerians. Though, many prefer will not believe him even if he gave them ordinary weather report.
Somebody who never possess a heart can never die of heart attack.
Blood has same colour so also is brotherhood they say, as such abnormal unsociably and acceptable insanity called kidnapping and terrorism seems to be ruling now. We’ve all seen and never wondered why anymore.
A meeting of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore in Yola, Adamawa State where a Fulani group threatened to capture a governor alive. And now the Arewa Youth Federation (AYF) challenging Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State to prove that he was attacked by Fulani herdsmen.
Yes, criminals come from all segments of the society, and there was not any evidence that he was attacked let alone by Fulani herdsmen, but who else is capable of such daring and brutality nowadays. The long and trod history of Fulani herdsmen attacks is still happening daily in Nigeria.
AYF seems to know more about the assailants. despite the alarming
rates and evidences in Nigeria daily hardly news without Fulani herdsmen and banditry or even terrorism.
Not only Benue people, the people of the Middle Belt but the entire nation will never ever accept this attempt on a governor. The circumstances in Borno may truly be very different. Graduating from likes of this unchallenged, Borno is now a war zone.
Sake of clarifications. from that kind of Fulani herdsmen points in AYF, everybody knows that truly there is no equality in Nigeria truly. No one needs to shame the shameful. The security agencies better be wised not to go after the likes of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. They are hero of their people.
When Fulani herders are armed and allowed to move freely while ordinary machetes ordinary people don’t possess or afraid because who is in power.
Nobody is afraid of these people but it is just that the power that be is for these people. The creator allowed others too to defend their homes and their families.
But only the right thinkers. Concerns on the worsening spate of violent crimes and insecurity across the country ranging from cultism, armed robbery, armed herdsmen attacks, armed bandit attacks, armed militia attacks, Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism, even compare with Abacha’s time; Abacha’s time was truly a golden era compare with what is happening today.
Given such space and you know the rest. A point to all clarity. Under the constitution, under our laws and by the precepts of international laws, global ethics, natural justice and equity, the people who are about to die have a right to defend themselves. So therefore, no one should be confused about suicide and self-destruction.
*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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