18-yr-old, 2 others, kill, dismember teenager for money rituals



By Kayode Adeoti

Following their alleged involvement in the killing of Habu Adamu, a 12- year-old girl who resided in Malete area of Kwara State, 18- year-old Salaudeen Azeez and his cohorts have been remanded in prison custody by the magistrate court, sitting in Ilorin, the state capital.

Azeez and his gang members: Ismail Salimon, Abdulrauf Anafi and others at large, conspired to kill the Fulani girl who was hawking cheese (wara) for money ritual.

The Police First Information Report (FIR) revealed that the father of the deceased, Adamu Abdullahi, reported at the Divisional Police Headquarters, Malete that her daughter was missing.

The father informed the police that Habu has failed to return from Ballah village where she went to sell ‘wara’.

On the strength of this information, the FIR noted that search team raised by the community in respect of the missing Habu, found her lifeless body in a shallow grave at a distance bush near Paboo village.

According to the Police report, Habu’s body was found with deep cut on the left side of her chest while some vital organs have been removed.

Investigation conducted at the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Departement (CIID) revealed that one Salaudeen Azeez, Ismail Salimon and Ibrahim (surname unknown) all of Baala village conspired and killed the girl.

The Police investigation also showns that the accused persons removed Habu’s heart and gave it to one Abdulrauf Anafi of Isale Baani, Abayawo area for money ritual purpose.

Anafi, who recieved the organ was said to have confessed that he contracted one Akeem Fatai in the presence of Saliman, to get him human heart for money ritual.

On 14th February, 2019, Saliman was said to have called Anafi who contracted him for the job to come and take delivery of the human heart.

Anafi, after collecting the organ reportedly handed it over to one Isiaka who is now at large, also for the purpose of using it for money ritual.

Ismail was also said to have notified Azeez and one Ibrahim, also at large.

On the 14th February, 2019, the accused persons went to lay ambush and killed the Fulani girl and removed her heart.

For lack of jurisdiction, Magistrate Awolola Abioye adjourned the matter to 28 March, 2019 for further mention.


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