PVC: Offa PDP factional calls for massive participation

By Kayode Adeoti

The leadership of Kwara state People Democratic Party (PDP) Offa local government chapter has reiterated that the only way the state could experience a change in governance is for the masses to participate actively in politics.

Speaking with Pilot Politics, the factional chairman of the party in Offa, Engr. Oromadegun Agboworin pleaded with the electorate to participate in the ongoing Independent Electoral Commission registration (INEC) exercise.

According to him, the tenure of the newly appointed Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) will soon expire adding that only vote of the masses for the right party will put an end to the prevailing suffering in the state.

He also called on the government to attend to the yearnings of the people in the state many of who are experiencing hardships.

According to him, whenever election is going to be conducted in the state, is going to be free and fair because the electorates are ready to guard against rigging.

“No rigging will ever be allowed, we will try our best to prevent it, this is a democratic state and we must do things in that light, there must be competitions among political parties and any party that is credible enough will win the poll.

“People are tired and the want a change, if the ruling APC is what the masses prefer, we will know through their votes and if they want another party too, votes will justify.

“What we advocate for now is an atmosphere where true election will take place. I don’t want to believe that Kwarans cannot decide their own fate, we need to rise to the need for genuine change,” Ogboworin said.

He also reaffirmed his confidence in the Offa local government poll saying the ruling government cannot win any seat as far as remain the party chairman of the chapter.

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