Much ado about life after death

By Safi Jimba

We shall briefly consider this important psychic subject in this piece.

The aspect of this vast subject we want to examine here, however, is the available types of spiritual beliefs in life after death which, strictly, are non-Islamic and non-Christian although Islamic and Christian beliefs will also be specified.

One group believes that when a man dies he immediately rises up in “spirit body” and is let up into a certain area in heaven where he stays enjoying. Later, he goes up into heaven. There, he remains till eternity. No suffering is involved. To this group there is nothing like Hell!

There is the second group that believes in reincarnation. It says that when a man dies his spirit roams about in a spiritual zone up in heaven until it finds its way into a pregnant woman’s womb and is reborn into earth again. Each person reincarnates as many times as necessary to have fully been “repaid” all his “wages”.Then he stops reincarnating and goes into Paradise, To this group too there is no such thing as Hell! However, this group argues that its theory has a Christian foundation although most Christians disown it.

As theists, Muslims believe that when a man dies he remains in a temporary place called “Barzakh” or “grave” where there is comfort or pain.

On the Day of Resurrection or Judgment he stands before God to give account of his doings on earth. He receives Judgment as a result of which he goes into Paradise or Hell.

Another group of theists are Christians. Their belief is substantially the same as that of Muslims except that they believe that they only will go to Paradise, Muslims of course, also believe that they only will go to Paradise!

Thus, both Muslims and Christians are almost irreconcilably divergent in their views and beliefs on life after death but are at one in the conclusion that Paradise or Hell will be the ultimate end of man.

Knowledgeable Muslims and Christians know that there are genuine spirit mediums and they use to elicit genuine voices claiming to be those of dead people. The voices are, of course satanic voices claiming to belong to named dead people, Satan is powerful and can induce voices resembling those of dead people. Satan does this to confuse the believer and make the believer follow him and deviate from God. This is why Islam and Christianity forbid their adherents from consulting mediums, partaking in seances and believing in necromancy. These practices are Satanic and a true believer must avoid them.

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