‘When the lion is weak, even a rabbit would tweak its tail’ — APC mocks PDP’s 2019 ambition

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has mocked opposition party over  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for bragging to wrestle power from the ruling party.

The APC likened  the boast of the PDP to take back power in 2019 to a rabbit tweaking its tale “when a lion is enfeebled”.

According to the ruling party, the brand of the PDP is damaged beyond repair.

Bolaji Abdullahi, APC national publicity secretary, made this known in a statement on Sunday.

He dismissed comments by PDP members that the APC will be sacked in 2019, saying it appears the recent supreme court ruling regarding the party’s leadership “is beginning to set them on a different course”.

Abdullahi said if PDP “had fully implemented its manifesto” in its 16 years of leadership, “Nigerians would not have been attracted to the APC promise of change in 2015, because there would have been little left to promise”.

The APC spokesperson condemned the party’s brand of opposition which he said is characterised by “allegation mongering and open incitements of separatist agitations across the country”.

“There are only a few people left in that party (PDP) whose faces do not represent the face of corruption. These few good men and women left in the PDP would do well to listen to ex-stalwarts of the party like the former Akwa Ibom governor, Obong Victor Attah who has advised that the party needs an urgent change of name because the PDP brand is already damaged beyond repair,” the statement read.

“But Nigerians know that even with a change of name, it is not the cowl that makes the monk.”

While condemning the PDP’s “penchant to mock President Muhammadu Buhari with his health situation,” he noted that the president’s health is “every citizen’s business”.

“However, it is un-African, if not ungodly, to continue to taunt a man and even challenge him to a fight at his moment of weakness,” he said.

“We have seen in the last few days, some members of the PDP who have boasted to defeat President Buhari in 2019. We urge Nigerians to google the names of these individuals and see what comes up. It is however understandable, even if not acceptable, that when the lion is enfeebled, even a rabbit would grow the temerity to tweak its tail.

“We urge Nigerians to remain resolute in support of the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari.  We are confident that whatever difficulty we are going through at the moment is only a passing phase.”

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