Concept, not money foundation of my business – CEO ALT- FUN Global Thrills Ltd

The Chief Executive Officer of ALT- FUN Global Thrills LTD, Mr. Funsho Aliyu has carved a niche for himself in the arts and entertainment world. He remains one of the most popular and successful event manager and planner, documentary production, MC job, and general consultancy in Kwara State.

The CEO stressed that the passion for acting was triggered in his primary school days when  he participated in theatre arts activities.

According to him, he dropped out of science class in secondary school  to embrace arts in order to achieve his ambition.

Even  Forgo Law Course at the University of Lagos, the entrepreneur said he continued to act.

“I joined an acting  professional group in Lagos in early 1980s to gain more experience and I do what they called ‘stand on your own’ kind of business. The name of my company came to being in 1990 when we were more of rendering service than business to woo customers/clients.

“If I tell you I started business with a particular amount of money I would be  lying because I had zero naira but I was attending several seminars and training to enhance my concepts.”

In the late 1990s he came diverted into other sectors of business like agriculture and enterprises rebranding the name of the company as alt- FUN Global entertainers and communication.

“When I discovered that  agriculture and other enterprises were more profitable than the entertaining and communication skills, we  changed the name to Alt-FUN global thrills Ltd and we have expanded to higher level.

The CEO said he doesn’t have guiding principles for his business, noting that God has been it’s anchor.

Aliyu stressed that his unique selling point is  to satisfy customers optimally. ”

He, however, tasked  unemployed youths to be more creative so as to become self reliance and not struggling for limited white collar jobs.

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