I fancy being baby daddy – CDQ

Popular rapper, CDQ, has said that he wouldn’t mind being a baby daddy since a lot of his friends are proudly fathers out of wedlock.

The Yoruba rapper, however, warned against abortions as he urged men to stay away from any lady they aren’t ready to be with.

“Wizzy is a baby daddy, Davido is a baby daddy, Olamide is a baby daddy too so I can actually become one every baby is a blessing. I believe everybody have their girlfriend and boyfriends so along the line if it results in pregnancy definitely I wouldn’t advice you go for abortion.

I wouldn’t just sleep with anybody that I won’t be prepared to have serious business with. That’s one thing about me and number two, if it happens and I know that it falls between me and you had something together, I’ll take my baby, he told Planet TV.

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