Why I cry a lot in Yoruba movies – Tunbosun Odunsi

Veteran Nollywood star, Pa. Tunbosun Odunsi has revealed why he cries passionately in movies.

In a recent interview, he said, “Yes see, any good artiste given any role should be able to get into that character. Artists are clay in the hands of the moulder. You know clay must not argue with the molder, he bends you into whatever he likes. A good artiste must be able to adapt and bend into what the script says. Enter into that character and give the writer what he wants.

He said he has never regretted acting or quitting five decades after venturing into the movie industry.

“I took it as my real profession and I would not like anything to take me out of it. I never gave it a thought quitting. But at a time, I embraced agriculture because I was into animal husbandry. I had my poultry and the poultry gave me enough money to finance my acting career and each time I go for rehearsals, my birds suffer. Many died, while I  was away on location.

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