How NIPOST key into e-Commerce – Postmater General

The Postmaster General and CEO of NIPOST, Barrister Bisi Adegbuyi has said that the agency is not perturbed by the advent of internet but has key into areas of opportunities therein.

He stated this during a tour of Ilorin zonal office of NIPOST recently.

“Recall that the advent of internet has affected our fortunes and we called it distortion technology, but the beauty of it is that there are number of opportunities in areas of repackaging parcels, e-Commerce among others.

“As you know e-Commerce is one of the most vibrant source of income; people are buying properties online and those parcels and packages have to be delivered to them and the institution that is responsible for this is of course NIPOST because of our network,” he explained.

The NIPOST boss said the agency would strengthen its remittance services, adding that Nigerians all over the world remit home about $24 yearly.

“The informal sector is yet to be captured in the room remittance service. Our people pay 12 percent in order to remit money. We hope to bring down the cost of remittance,” he stressed.

The postmaster general, however, noted that the major challenge encountered by the agency is the lopsidedness in house numbering system, saying that the problem is not peculiar to Nigeria.

According to him, ” Three quarter of the world is affected by this challenge because houses are not properly numbered.

“But experts in that area are coming to assist us. We are already signing a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with a United Kingdom company and another South African company to bring their expertise.

“Once that aspect is solved about 50 percent of our problems is solved because when there is proper addressing system all other issues will work perfectly. This will not cost us a kobo because they are coming to examine our operational system and afterwards together we’ll embrace a particular model perhaps PPP and profit sharing.

“The truth of the matter is that we are putting on our thinking cap to renovate the whole system to make income for the country as the biggest market in Africa.

On his tour of zonal offices in the country, he stressed that his visit us aimed at re-branding.


“The visit to all zonal offices is aimed at getting firsthand information on the operational system of the organization.” NIPOST is mini Nigeria and I have seen infrastructure that are not in good shape.

“The journey of transformation has started though with challenges but beyond that there are enormous opportunities that we can tap.

“We are repositioning NIPOST and a lot of programmes are underway that is my assurance to Nigerians. Revolution is underway, but what is happening is not peculiar to NIPOST alone but general problem all over the world.

However, the NIPOST boss has warned individuals who have encroached its landed properties across various states in the country to vacate before the law catches them.

“The parliament, the major stakeholder has asked me to give them a report on all landed properties of NIPOST and I have done it.

“People who believe they can take law into their hands are encroaching our landed properties but this belonged to all Nigerians. I’m warning them to give them up peacefully because NIPOST under my leadership will not sleep on its right,” he further warned.

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