Immorality: Ex-Kwara CPS condemns parents for abandoning roles

By Kayode Adeoti

The immediate past Chief Press Secretary to the Kwara State governor, Alhaji Mas’ud Adebimpe has attributed the moral decadence in the society to the negligence of parents to perform their roles in monitoring the affairs of their children.

He noted this on Saturday while delivering lecture at the 14th Prize-Giving Day and end of the year ceremony of Darul-Qalam Nursery and Primary School in Ilorin.

According to him, it is not what parents spend on their wards that matters but the tutorship and Allah’s guidance that will make them worthy and useful to the society.

“We shouldn’t adjudicate roles to government in shaping the moral lives of our wards, rather we should be up to the task. There are many things parents do wrongly thinking they are being kind, especially when they buy phone for a child who has not attained the age for such luxury.

“Phone has done us more harm than good, that is the fact, yet we don’t want to see it that way. Some children will lock themselves up in the room, spending hours on the phone, what are they doing? These are precious moments that could have been devoted to their studies,” he said.

Adebimpe, also condemned the recent reprisal killings by cultists in the state, blaming it on failure in parental roles.

According to him, recently some set of youths celebrated ‘Igbo’ (Indian hemp) day in Ilorin, and they felt they are doing what is right.

He said, “We can all see what our society is turning into, recently, it’s all over the news in the state how some cult members were murdered in the most brutal ways, and one will wonder if those children did not come from a home.

“Also, our ladies going into prostitution and you can see them in front of Kwara Hotel at night, this is just what the society has turned into. Parents should monitor their wards lest they turn to source of sorrow.”

He also noted that Islam doesn’t forbid children having friends but parents must be there to guard and monitor them on the right choice of persons.

Meanwhile, a total of 29 pupils graduated from the school with Abdullateef Kazeem emerging the best in the male category, while Salimat Aishat won the prize in the female category.

On the roll call were, Prof. Suleiman Ambali of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ilorin, who was the Chairman and the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of National Pilot Newspaper, Alhaji Billy Adedamola, among others.

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