Mercy Aigbe reconciles with hubby

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has reconciled with her socialite husband, Lanre Gentry and has moved back to their matrimonial home, according to report.

The couple reportedly returned into each other’s arms after a bitter fight.

The husband of the beautiful actress was said to have the weekend spoken to a soft sell magazine or the issue, claiming that the war is over and Mercy is back to their matrimonial home ready to continue with her roles as wife and mother of the house.

It was further gathered from Gentry, both of them have got a better understanding of their roles in the conflict while being empathetic of how the conflict affected them and it helped them with the repairing process.

“She is my wife, how can a man fight his wife”, Gentry waxed theoretically as reported.

To prove his claims, Gentry informed the magazine that Mercy was already in their family house, adding that she came home straight from a business trip to Turkey. Also, Gentry revealed record of phone calls they both exchanged that Friday night about dinner.

According to Gentry, “fights can be incredibly painful and make us question ourselves, our partner, and our relationship, but these doubts, fears, and hurt feeling are the reason it is so important to make an effort to repair and reconnect after a fight.

“I don’t think there was a fight in the first place. And if anybody thinks there was, then it is settled,” declared the actress’ husband.

The couple’s seven year-old marriage was seriously threatened when the actress went to town with the allegation of physical assault against her by her husband.

Mercy called it quits after what was believed to be another case of violent assault by Gentry. The husband, after Mercy’s outburst, also accused Mercy of sleeping around and the fight became very messy thereafter, leading to Gentry’s temporary arrest and detention.

A close family source, however, squealed to the magazine that Mercy initiated the peace process. The source claimed that the actress about two weeks ago pleaded with Gentry in a private chat for forgiveness and promised that such occurrence would not repeat itself.

Following the plea, we learnt, the beautiful actress reportedly closed down the Instagram account she opened to sell her case while the fight lasted, while her daughter was said to have also changed her surname to Gentry indicating that indeed, peace has been restored in the family.

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