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After Hour

The Speaker in the classroom

That the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Dr. Ali Ahmad flaunts a solid academic background is a well known fact, especially among those very familiar with him. Matter of fact, it was from the ivory tower that he was plucked to help drive the governance repositioning efforts of Dr. Bukola Saraki mid 2005. A tested and respected legal academic, Dr. Ali has since rendered valuable services to this great state.

However, since leaving the campus for the turpsy-turvy world of politics, Ali’s passion for his first love and professional calling has not diminished. The youthful speaker still creates time to lecture Law students. He does this on Fridays at Better by Far University, where he takes LLM students. Next time you see the man popularly called Ali Dodo heading towards Tanke area, know that he is not on a campaign stump. He’s on his way to do what he loves doing best: Teaching.


And Gbolahan gets the gate

While he reigned in power corridors as Personal Assistant to the number one citizen of the State of Harmony, Gbolahan Oseni was influential as he was powerful. With capacious pocket of cash which he dispensed at will to political thugs, hangers-on and mistresses, Gbolahan was almost a lord unto himself. His excesses knew no bound.

There was an unpalatable tale from UK linking him, which was swept under the carpet at great cost. Now, Gbolahan’s cup was said to have finally runneth over. Unceremonious exit became inevitable. Ibadan, the largest town in West Africa where he reportedly hailed offered a welcoming shelter and abode. While his reign lasted, Gbolahan was said to have made enough money and reportedly invested wisely which has enabled him to continue living in comfort.


Kwara HOS’ Porsche

Kwara’s first female Head of Service, Hajia Zhara Omar is a study in simplicity. Typical of civil servants, the quiet but strong-willed woman is not given to ostentation. While her predecessors rode luxury official vehicles, Omar chose to ride a non-descript Peugeot 307 Salon Car.

Omar’s simplicity extends beyond a car she rides, or the clothes she wears, she manifests same in her mode of worship. At every prayer hour when she is in the office, the HoS will join the congregation in the mosque located not far from the car park at the governor’s office. She is the only top government functionary known to do that.

However, people who are used to the near Spartan lifestyle of the Kwara civil service strongwoman were jolted when a glittering wonder-on-wheels Porsche suddenly appeared in her garage, to replace the old reliable Peugeot 307.

Sources whispered that the Porsche is part of new official vehicles procured for 5 star government functionaries by the State Government. Congratulations Ma.


Nimota Obawankasi and the reward of good deeds

“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”. These immortal words were written by the legendary writer, William Shakespeare in one of his epic plays, Julius Caesar. Evil is definitely far from what informed this writing. Rather, the issue here is, the good deeds we do in life stay with us. This fact of life played out on none other than Alhaja Nimota Obawankasi recently. The former Commissioner for Woman Affairs and Member of the Lower Chamber at the National Assembly had paid an unscheduled visit to her former Ministry not too long ago and the reception she received overwhelmed her. Staff of the Ministry trooped out to welcome Nimota with joy and happiness. They showered praises on her and prayed for her. Nimota, as Commissioner left indelible mark of performance, touched many lives and the people there have not forgotten.

This is a big lesson for all political office holders. Whatever you do today, will still wait there for you tomorrow.

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